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“…Step into “THE” Crypto-Talk – Venture into Crypto-Evo…”

“…The discussion is no longer one of whether a cryptocurrency will survive, but rather how it will evolve..” – PWC ( Understanding the evolving cryptocurrency market )

For the most part, investors are mostly driven by speculation and a perceived “inherent value”. This has been a major driver for market capitalization but will it continue to be the case? Let’s face it, do you really know the growth plans of the crypto projects that you are invested in?

You may say they have a road map but how clear is it to you? Not in vague terms of “shooting for the moon” but in terms of where they are actually going or how they even intend to get there. Even if you are in it for some quick bucks, you’d still want to know the best fishing spots to always return to. 

TheSpeedSter presents itself as a “hybrid” token pointing towards having at least 30,000 transactions per day! What does the Journey towards that look like and what do YOU have to gain every step of the way?

  • When TheSpeedSter doesSet Sailon 30th August, you can participate in the presale confident of a trustworthy team with a KYC & SAFU audit pass mark.  
  • At Drop The Anchor, TheSpeedSter will be listed on Pancakeswap, Dextools, Coingecko & Coin marketcap. An independent SSTER customized wallet shall be built to back up the Staking features on a WEB3.0 platform for your tokens
  • When The Games Begin, a fully tokenized P2E game with affiliate NFTs shall be operational. They’ll also host an in-community HACKATHON – a means to take advantage of the “intrapreneurs” and build partnerships  
  • After which they’ll launch the “Charity Hub. A community-based committee of trustees shall be set to implement the amputees-based charity project.
  • To go “Into The Deep, TheSpeedSter is looking to achieve 30,000 SSTER transactions in a day. This is simply a starting point and it would imply lots of marketing and major developments -explaining why they have a sizeable marketing allocation.

Consider this as taking a stroll in part of TheSpeedSter’s line of thought as it ventures into crypto-evolution. TheSpeedSter’s roadmap demonstrates strategic thinking “the why” behind both the goal and the plan for getting there. 

Psychologically, the roadmap creates a comforting sense of predictability (everyone knows what to expect). The wall street wolves see the roadmap as a quick view of the project’s priorities and clear direction: no one is willing to fly blind.

You may say that it isn’t all written in stone and that sometimes detours may be required. That is valid!  However, TheSpeedSter team knows and that’s why you would be glad to know that the community’s input at every stage of the process would be actively sought: Talk of having your best interests at heart. After all, you are the investor.  

You can check out the full details on the roadmap on the whitepaper or better yet, just join the waitlist and be updated on any major developments. Then, join TheSpeedSter presale from 30th Aug 2022 on Pinksale.

Here are the links for more information about TheSpeedSter


Telegram Channel 

Telegram group 


Presale On Pinksale

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