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There has been ample of drama surrounding the Steemit ecosystem and Steem blockchain. It now appears that there will be a “split” after all, as the Hive blockchain has gone live.

The ongoing debacle surrounding Steemit and Justin Sun appears to be far from over.

Hive Forks the Steem Blockchain

Whereas most of the exchange-related issues have seemingly calmed down, the community is still rallying.

Hive is a hard fork of the existing Steem code and will operate as a separate blockchain.

It is created by a “large group” of Steem community members who want to embrace decentralization instead of the current centralized approach maintained on the Steem platform.

Under the hood, Hive will seemingly maintain its DPoS governance system.

Both projects are completely independent from one another.

However, all valid accounts on the Steem blockchain are eligible for a Hive airdrop.

That also means that existing Steem accounts are usable on the Hive network, although both have separate data.

Posting something on one platform will not make it show up on the other one.

Whether this launch will get more people excited, is a different matter altogether. 

Steem has often been called a “circle jerk” of groups of users upvoting each other’s content and ignoring everything else.


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