State-of-the-Art Rebasing Crypto Currency to Launched on Thursday is Delighting Binance Smart Chain Investors


The huge success of rebase tokens has sparked a new trend in crypto currency and now some of cryptos top minds have joined the party.

Londefy (CRYPTO: LDF), is “a truly reliable rebase token solidified by professional people and a community of real investors.” Says their CEO Jack MacDonald.

A rebasing token is an elastic supply smart contract that works in a way whereby the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price. Londefy have taken this a step further by adding rewards to holders in a true rising star of the defi space, Londex (CRYPTO: LDX). They are calling this “the triple R effect” rebase with rewards on rewards. This innovative mechanism allows investors holding Londefy to also receive Londex and through Londex they’ll also receive BEP20 Ethereum reflections.

Rebase is essentially an increase or decrease in the total supply of a token across including all holders and LP’s. This is done in order to adjust the token price, without affecting the value of anyone’s share of coins. This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism that adjusts the supply algorithmically. One of the benefits of a rebasing token is a chart that never falls due to the consistently rising price floor, and this in turn can provide great advertising for the project.

With many rebase tokens seeing upto 4000% growth increase in recent weeks, and with the huge hype that surrounded the launch of the Londefy project, it’s widely expected that (CRYPTO: LDF) will quickly rise to set new heights for the exponential rebase trend. 

The unique smart contract of Londefy redistributes 16% tax from each transaction under following rules: 5% goes towards rewarding its valuable investors in Londex (CRYPTO: LDX) 5% is allocated for marketing purposes. 4% is for rebasing and buy backs, and lastly, 2% is utilized for providing continued support to the development of the project.

After a successful launch the revolutionary new token is currently sitting at a $1.1million market cap with over 2000 holders.

In addition to these features, the Londefy (CRYPTO: LDF) also features an integrated Dashboard App on their website where users can monitor their rewards and earnings and the token’s current market status in real-time. They also have started to roll out a significant marketing campaign with maybe top crypto influencers and media sites due to feature the team and project.

By adding rewards to rebase, Londefy combines two of the most innovative mechanisms in the crypto world. Unlike other reward tokens that reflect in coins people often  quickly sell, Londefy has cleverly chosen to reward investors in the next project widely thought to reach great heights, Londex. With the project giving out significant rewards, and smart rebasing, Londefy should offer investors a project with an strong upward trajectory, large profits, and exceptional price stability; and with such a promising future, Londex is widely tipped to be one of the industry’s best utilities, making this new project a very exciting proposition for all crypto investors. 

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