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There are so many celebrities that love gambling that it would be near impossible to list them all. Celebrities, such as athletes, rock stars, musicians, or actors, are used to being in the spotlight. They are successful, confident, and have a lot of money to burn so it is not surprising that many of them choose to spend their pastime in casinos. In this article, we are discussing some of the most famous gamblers with Canadian iGaming expert Kevin N. Cochran. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Even if soccer is not the most popular sport to watch in Canada, the name of Cristiano Ronaldo is probably familiar to you. The Portuguese footballer is considered one of the best players ever. However, Cristiano is not only good at soccer. He has his own underwear and accessories brand and he even makes money playing poker! Cristiano is a brand ambassador for PokerStars and plays online poker on the poker site regularly. 

Other celebrities may as well be gambling online but they are often hiding their identity behind a nickname. There are several online casinos that accept players from Canada and where you can take advantage of a casino no deposit bonus so that you can start playing with free money.

PokerStars is the largest poker site in the world but if your passion lies in other games you can check out the biggest brands of online gambling here. 

Ace Frehley

Rock-stars and gambling go hand in hand. Rock is considered wild and dangerous, just like high-stake gambling. There are many rock stars who are known gamblers but perhaps the most famous one is Ace Frehley, the ex-guitarist of Kiss. Frehley now lives in Las Vegas where he is often seen in casinos mainly playing poker as he is obsessed with the card game. 

Tobey Maguire

Best known for his role as Spider-Man, Hollywood actor Tobey Maguire is an avid poker player. Maguire had the best possible training as he had been coached by Canadian professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. Tobey is rumored to have won over $10 million in poker tournaments. He was one of the participants of the games that Molly Bloom used to host for A-list Hollywood celebrities. Check out the movie Molly’s Game if you haven’t seen it yet!

Matt Damon

Matt Damon and his friend and colleague Ben Affleck are often seen together in Las Vegas casinos. Damon is said to be in control of his game and he places reasonable bets while playing poker. He often wins at the table, however, apparently once, at the same time while filming the movie Rounders he lost $ 250,000. 

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a big-time gambler who is often spotted at different casinos in Las Vegas. His passions are poker and blackjack and he has won and lost a lot of money with the two games. A curious fact about Ben is that he is banned from the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas as he was caught card counting while playing blackjack. Rumour has it that his biggest loss was $400,000 back in 2001 on a hand of poker. 

Charlie Sheen

There have been so many sad stories about the Hollywood actor, mainly about his cocaine addiction. Unfortunately, Sheen is also a compulsive gambler and he regularly loses huge sums of money to casinos. His favorite game is poker but he is also an avid sports bettor. According to his wife, he sometimes places $20,000 bets on sports and he more often than not loses them. 

Brad Pitt

Apparently, while filming Ocean’s 11, Pitt has developed a taste for slot machines as they were so readily available in the casino. After the filming ended, his passion for the one-armed robbers stayed. 

Michael Jordan

Jordan is often considered the best basketball player of all time. He is not only great at the ball game though as he is also a successful businessman. Jordan has a well-known gambling habit that often entails huge sports bets. He also often bets on himself while shooting golf against other celebrities. 


There are lots of celebrities who are often spotted in casinos or are known to play online. Our list only covers the most famous ones but there are many more stars who love to gamble. 

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