Stakeable Tokens Such As Uniglo (GLO), Kava (KAVA), And Fantom (FTM) Could Allow You To Quit Your Day Job!


Staking cryptocurrencies can be a wise way to generate passive income and reach financial freedom.

 Simply put, a stakeable token is a type of cryptocurrency that holders can stake to earn rewards. This is usually done by participating in proof-of-stake protocols, requiring users to lock up their tokens as deterministic voting. The more tokens you stake, the more voting power you have and the greater your chances of earning rewards. 

The benefits of stakeable tokens are twofold. First, they offer a way for users to earn income from their holdings without having to sell them. Second, staking helps secure the network and incentivizes users to stay involved and up-to-date.

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Uniglo (GLO), Kava (KAVA), and Fantom (FTM) are advised as the smartest stakeable options to gain higher revenues. 

Uniglo (GLO)

Recently entering the market, Uniglo is gaining recognition as a currency investors can trust and use. It has a promising upside and considerably greater stability thanks to its burning tools and asset-backed treasury. 

Uniglo is a pioneer in resolving the main issue both fiat and crypto sectors struggle to deal with: volatility. To reach the goals, Uniglo implements a special vault to buy and hold cryptocurrencies, digital gold, and NFTs that will be funded by a 5% tax from each GLO transaction. The income from this vault will go toward the revolutionary ultra-burn instrument that will repurchase GLOs from the secondary market and burn them to cut down on the supply. Additionally, there will be a charge on every GLO transaction that will burn 2% of the GLO that is bought or sold. Overall, price increases are a logical result of this ongoing supply reduction. 

Furthermore, Uniglo will offer investors various staking opportunities. Thus, besides guaranteed profits from the continuous price growth, Uniglo will let investors earn massive incomes from staking GLO.

Kava (KAVA)

A Layer-1 DeFi lending platform Kava combines the developer-friendly features of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos. While being a sacred space for dApp creators, KAVA motivates investors to gain passive revenues with staking options.

An increasing number of staking services now support the coin, and Binance and Huobi are the most well-known on the list.

Exchanges and other staking platforms provide KAVA staking incentives to its customers, sometimes without requiring them to handle delegations or awards. 

Additionally, you may manage your staking node and benefit directly from the protocol’s KAVA incentives. 

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is another top-layer blockchain enabling staking opportunities for investors. In terms of total value locked, it is among the top 10 blockchains with more than $1.2 billion. Fantom is one of the primary alternative L1 blockchains and has been branded an “Ethereum killer” with other chains like Solana, Avalanche, and more.

According to technical analysis, FTM needs more time to reach the bullish zone. Thus, if you are a fan of Fantom and possess any FTM, it is now more crucial than ever to stake FTM to generate passive income from your cryptocurrency holdings.

Bottom Line 

Having guaranteed, stable passive income is a dream come true for investors. However, market volatility that affects crypto prices can also influence the amount of profits you can generate by staking these assets. This is where GLO comes handier than KAVA and FTM. Designed to raise value continuously, staking GLO might let investors peacefully quit their day jobs or retire with massive savings.

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