Casino Gift Cards 2023: Can You Gift on Stake Casino?


Finding out whether or not you can gift on can be an important part of your experience, but you have to take things one step at a time. The first step here is to register with, which is simple to do, but you need to remember to use code MIKBONUS so you can claim the exclusive 5% rakeback bonus.

This means you can get part of your losses credited back to your account so that you can play for longer. This is not the only step you need to take to discover more about Stake casino gift cards though, as also you need to get more background information.

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Stake Casino Gift Cards Alternatives is a sweepstakes crypto casino that is available across much of the US. This makes it popular with many players who want to play slots and table games online, but cannot do that because regular casinos are not legal in their state. Sweepstakes casinos use virtual coins and accumulating enough of one type of those can get you a cash prize, provided other criteria are met.

Although these casinos are free to play, you can increase the limited number of virtual coins you have by purchasing a coin package from the site. This will allow you to play for longer, so gifting a pack of coins might be ideal for somebody who enjoys the social casino experience. However, the bad news here is there is no dedicated Stake gift card to use, so if you want to gift on, you need to look for alternatives. These will show you how you could gift somebody the funds to buy a coin package, and there are three possible options.

#1 Buy a Prepaid Debit Card

Buying a prepaid debit card is an option, as it can be done easily, and gifted to the player so they can buy the coin packages themselves. This can not be done in a single transaction, however, as only accepts the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Dogecoin
  • Tron
  • Eos
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Tether

However, Visa or Mastercard aren’t available, which are likely to be the format of a pre-paid debit card. So, the player would have to use the card to buy one of these cryptocurrencies first. This won’t be difficult, but might not be the best solution available, so you might look at other alternatives.

#2 Create an account for the recipient and deposit yourself

This alternative involves you opening an account for the player, which means they will be new to the site. This method is likely to be less popular than providing the player with a gift card, as it can be quite problematic. You will need access to so many of the player’s personal details and documentation, that the recipient of your gift might as well do it themselves anyway.

To fully understand this, you need to look at the process in detail.

  • You first need to go to (if you accidentally go to, you will politely be redirected there anyway) and click on the blue register now button.
  • You will then be asked for your email, username, password, DOB, and state to set up your account, and make sure you are old enough and not in an excluded state.
  • Then you read the T&Cs and tick the box to say you understand them.
  • Tick the box marked code and enter MIKBONUS to claim the exclusive 5% rakeback bonus.

After this initial registration form, you will then be directed to another screen for verification, and on this screen are told again that:

  • You need to be over 21 to play at
  • And you are not Washington, Nevada, Idaho, New York, Kentucky, or Michigan

Once you have read these warnings, you then hit the green button to proceed to the next screen.

You need to then upload verification documents to confirm the identity of the account holder. To do this you will need full-color, high-resolution photographs of either their

  • International passport
  • National ID card, or
  • Driving licence

These need to be original screenshots, clear enough that all details are easily readable, with all 4 corners of the undamaged document in the frame, and valid for at least three months.

So, after seeing what is involved, you can see why doing this would be problematic, even if you were doing it with the best intentions. As you might want to consider another option, there is a third alternative for you to think about.

#3 Send crypto to their account

This could be the most practical solution for those wanting to gift on, especially if you have cryptocurrency in your own e-wallet already. That way, all you’ll need is the crypto address from their account and you should be able to send funds to them in just a few clicks.

Out of the three, this is also the quickest, and you can repeat this gifting process as many times as you like without needing to involve the recipient further, and with lots less effort on your part.

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Using a casino gift to buy a pack of coins

Regardless of which method is used, once that gift has been made, it can be used to buy one or more packs of coins. You can do this by selecting the wallet option from the top of the screen, and you will see another screen pop up with 3 options at the top. These options are Redeem, Daily bonus, and also Buy Gold Coins, which is the one you require. You will see several options appear, each for increasing cost and each with a different number of coins available.

How those coin packs are made up

As was outlined earlier, sweepstakes casinos use two different types of coins – Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins, which at Stake have been rebranded as Stake Cash. Each pack will feature a certain amount of Gold Coins and a cost – for example, 200,000 Gold Coins for $20 (or equivalent) or 2,000,000 GC for $200 (or equivalent in crypto). You will also see that SC are given away with each of these packs as a free gift, so in the case of the first pack, you might get 20 SC as a free gift along with your 200,000 gold coins for $20.

The difference between GC and SC

Gold Coins Stake Cash
Can be bought Can only be won or given for free
Played on games in Standard Mode Played on games in Promotional Mode
Can only be used for fun Can be played 3x and redeemed for prizes
No redeemable value 1 Redeemable SC = 1 USDT
No prizes available Gift cards, merchandise or crypto transfers

As you can see, even though they are both used on the same site to play the same games, they fulfill very different roles and as a result, have a different focus for players. Some players just want to have fun and focus on GC – they might even take the single purchase option that does not involve SC. Other players, however, will focus on that cash prize, and look for other ways to get more SC that does not involve buying a coin package, even if they are getting one as an occasional gift.

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Other ways to get more Coins without buying coin packages

For these players, and even ones that just want more Gold Coins, there are several ways to do this. Very few of these methods will get you the same amounts of coins that you might get from a purchase, but they are free so you might want to give them a try to see if you think they are worth your while first.

Your daily reload

This is the most simple way of getting more coins. as you will be logging in anyway. Each time you do, you will see that your balance has been increased. can give you both GC and SC as part of that daily bonus, which is not something all sweepstakes casinos do.

Mail in a request for free SC

This one does require a little more labor, but with 5 SC at the end of it, you might consider it worth the effort. It might seem odd that a crypto casino with digital currency would have an option that involved an envelope and a stamp, but it is legit. Your entry needs to be handwritten, and provide details of your account, but once mailed to the office in Texas and approved, you will get the free Stake Cash credited to your account.


As well as the 5% rakeback bonus, have many other promotions running at any one time. These are for anyone on the site, so are equally beneficial to both new and experienced players. The biggest draw for a share of 250M GC + Free 25K SC is entered via your level of gameplay, where the more coins you play, the more entries you get.

You can also win more coins of either type in these promotions:

  • Multiplier Drops – for one of 50 prizes of 100 SC when you hit certain multipliers when playing games.
  • Daily 50,000,000 GC race – players gain points as they play on games, and the top 100 players share in the prize fund
  • Challenges – complete tasks on various games around the site and win the prize associated with that task.
  • Slot Battle – be one of the top players on the winner of two nominated slots to get a prize of 500 SC for first place, down to 50 SC for 50th place.
  • Originals Challenge – complete tasks like hitting certain multipliers on a nominated Stake Original to win a share of 5000 SC each week.

Tips to get the most from your Stake casino gift

If somebody has gone to the trouble of gifting you a coin package by using one method or another, you will want to make the most of it. Here are some things to consider to get maximum value from those GC and SC you have been given.

Find a high RTP game

Finding the right games with so many on offer can be difficult, but Stake have done what they can to make it as easy as possible. When you open each game, it will give you an overview of what is involved, and most importantly, their edge. If a game has an edge of 3.5%, it means the RTP is 96.5%. In basic terms, the higher the RTP, the more games you could get for your coins. Some Stake Original games like Crash, Dice, and Plinko can not only be learned in minutes, but also have an edge of just 1%.

Pace yourself

You might have a lot of GC in your account, but that does not mean you should just go ‘high roller’ and burn through all of them in just a few minutes. Use sensible stakes for your games, like you might if you were using the limited number of coins you would get from a daily bonus, and your gifted coin pack will last for much longer. The same goes for playing new games – don’t get too adventurous now you have a larger balance, stick to what you know.

Use your GC strategically

If you do want to play new games however, don’t go in with SC straight away. You should use your GC to practice and see how a game works before using up any of these rarer coins. You can also use your GC to help your status in the VIP Club, which in turn will unlock further bonuses and benefits. You can do this by picking a game like Plinko or Dice, and setting the risk so low that you rarely lose. You won’t win much either, but each time you wager, you will be gaining VIP points and climbing the tiers.

Will Stake casino gift cards be available in the future?

As things stand, it looks unlikely that Stake casino gift cards will be available in the future, and if you want to give somebody a coin package – or ask to receive one, then a crypto transfer to your wallet seems like the best bet.

Winning Stake casino gift cards

The lack of gift cards might seem confusing, as you will see gift cards referred to several times in pieces about This does not refer to gifting, but instead to the fact that one of the prizes you can win at is a gift card, which is sent to your email address when you redeem smaller balances of Stake Cash.

Summary: Can you gift on

In conclusion, the answer is yes, but there are a lot of moving parts to the process. There is no Stake gift card, so you have to use one of three alternatives. The first of these is to use a pre-paid debit card, which might need to be transferred to cryptocurrency – or to open an account on the recipient’s behalf, which can be hard to verify. The easier option would be to transfer crypto straight to their Stake account. Once there, they can pick a coin package and get the most out of it using tactics like the ones you have seen here.

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Stake casino gift cards FAQ

Can you send a gift card?

Stake gift cards are not available, but you can use other methods to send people funds to buy a coin package in one of the approved cryptocurrencies.

Can you buy Stake Cash coin packages?

You cannot buy Stake Cash directly, they must be either won or given to you. The Stake Cash you see in coin packages is given as a free gift when you buy the gold coins.

Can you redeem gifted Stake Cash straight away?

Stake cash can be won or given to you, but you can’t redeem it until it has been played 3x on the slots, table games, or live casino games on the site.



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