Stake Casino Crash Predictor 2023: Raise your Odds & Predict Crash Multiplier

CryptoMode is a sweepstakes casino that attracts many players with its large range of games, including Stake Originals like Crash. If you’re going to get invested in some of these originals, it might be worth reading about how to use the Stake Casino Crash Predictor to play it. To play Crash yourself, you first need to register with, remembering to use exclusive code MIKBONUS to claim your 5% rakeback offer – which means you have some of your losses credited back to your account.

After you are fully registered with, one of the very first games you should seek out is Crash, which is very loosely based on how financial markets work. Despite how that might sound, it is very simple to get started with, but you need to know some of the basics first.

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How does Crash work?

Getting to grips with Crash is one of the easiest ways to start playing online games at, as it is one of the simplest you will come across. Even players who don’t know anything about slots – or might be intimidated by table games and live dealers – can have fun and enjoy playing Crash.

As already mentioned, this game mimics how financial markets work – but on a far more basic level. This means you don’t have to have any experience as a trader, or have used anything like the MT4 platform before, as this is all based around one simple graph with a diagonally ascending line. This is supposed to mimic a market gaining in value, and the principle of the game is for you to decide when to cash out before the market crashes.

Cash out before the markets crash

As with ‘real’ trading, in a situation like this, the longer you leave it, the greater your profit (in this case, the multiplier applied to your stake increases as the line moves) – and if you leave it too late, the market crashes and you lose everything.

As this could happen at any time, you decide when to cash out – and your strategy will be shaped by your own playing style – for instance taking a low-risk stance and cashing out early and frequently, or leaving it longer for greater risk. You can only formulate what will be best for you by practice, and this is where understanding the finer points of the game come into play.

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Playing Crash at

Playing Crash at is quite simple, and so is finding it on the site:

  • Go to and log in, or if you haven’t already, register remembering to use code MIKBONUS to get your 5% rakeback bonus.
  • is an easy site to navigate so look down the left-hand menu and select Stake Originals from the options there.
  • You’ll see 18 game tiles with titles including Dice and Plinko – Crash should be at the top next to these.
  • Click on the tile and the game should load in a matter of seconds.

You will see a very basic screen in front of you displaying a blank graph with boxes underneath for your stake, and when you want to cash out. Then, below that is a third window, which new players might want to watch for a while before playing themselves.

You will notice that Crash repeatedly runs, with the line on the graph rising until the crash, then starting up again. That third window will display all of the other players in that particular game, and the number of coins they are playing with. As the line rises, as each player’s cash-out point is reached, that is displayed too until all players have cashed out or the ‘market’ crashes. Doing this can help you to see what other players’ strategies are, so you can – if you choose – work on your own.

Below this window are the functions for manual and automatic play, where you could, if you wish, set your stake, your cash-out point, and just let it run.

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Using virtual coins to play Crash at is a sweepstakes casino, so it uses a kind of virtual currency that makes legal in many states, where regular casinos may not be available. You are given some of these each day you log in, as a reload bonus. This will be made up predominantly of Gold Coins (referred to as GC on the site) and a much smaller amount of Stake Cash, which is the in-house Sweeps Coins (referred to as SC).

You can play with both types of coins while playing Crash, but they work slightly differently. When playing with GC, the only thing you’ll receive for winning is more GC, which you can use to continue playing Crash or any of the other games you find at

SC are also played the same way, however, any coins that have been played with and won 3x, then become redeemable. If certain thresholds have been met, you can trade these in for either a gift card for smaller amounts or larger balances that can be exchanged for a crypto transfer to your e-wallet.

Why start off with Crash when joining is one of the premier sweepstakes casinos in the US, and as such, has one of the widest ranges of games you’ll find in a free-to-play casino where you can also win cash prizes. There are nearly 400 slots, as well as table games and live casino options, in addition to those exclusive Stake Originals.

With all of that to choose from, why should you start with Crash?

As you can see there is very little to playing Crash, but if you want you can develop your own strategy, you can. So it can appeal to both brand new players who want something that is very simple, and also more advanced players who can use their experience to get more from the game. For instance, they could set the cash-out to a very low point just above one, and set it to auto. They won’t win very much, but all of the gameplay could help them increase their points tally in the VIP Club.

In short, Crash from is

  • Easy to understand – all you have to do is cash out before the market crashes
  • Quick to play – games are running constantly so it can be less than a minute before the next one starts
  • Suitable for new players – no prior knowledge is needed, just watch the screen as see what happens
  • Playable with both GC and SC – play with GC just for fun, or to accumulate SC to cash out for a prize
  • Can be played manually or set to automatic – decide each game on its merits, or set your parameters and sit back
  • Very high RTP – with the house edge set at just 1%, you can get great value from your coins here

Learning the Crash patterns, or using a Stake Casino Crash Predictor?

Setting the game to automatic is not the only help available for playing Crash. As you have seen, the point of playing Crash is to predict how far the line will get before it crashes. While you can formulate your own best way of doing this, you will quickly find (or might already know from bitter experience) that strategies take time to develop, and there is a lot of trial and error involved.

To help with this, there are communities in places like Reddit, that are dedicated to trying to get the edge on Crash. There are quite a few threads detailing different patterns that people have noticed, as well as the best tips and tricks for beginners.

That being said, there are also bots that you can download to help with these things. These are known as Stake Casino Crash Predictors, and their aim is to try and learn the Crash algorithm to help you win as much as possible.

Finding and downloading the bot to predict the Crash multiplier

As always, you have to be careful when considering using extensions like the Stake Casino Crash Predictor. It is, after all, from a third-party and hasn’t been verified at all. There’s also no promise that it will work, as the Stake Crash game is a game of chance, so there’s no way that you can win every time. If you do set out to test one of the Crash predictors, then make sure you check for community reviews in places like Reddit first and keep in mind that it’s not a tool that can guarantee any kind of win.

With that being said, if you do choose to download a Stake Casino Crash predictor, it’s a very simple process to do so. While it’s not available from the site itself, you can find and download it if you choose by performing a quick Google search and following the instruction on the screen. It is available as a Chrome extension and lists all of the available features, so you can decide for yourself if it will help with your Crash gameplay or not.

If you choose to use it, you should start by setting up a few game parameters first. This will involve setting stake limits and your target multiplier, but after that, it is just a case of sitting back and watching what happens.

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Other Originals that are perfect for new players

Crash is, for so many reasons, the best place to start playing at However, there are some other similarly easy-to-play games that you might want to consider as an alternative after playing Crash.


This is almost as simple to play as Crash, and also gives you the chance to develop your own strategy. This game is in principle, the same as the traditional game Pachinko, where a ball is dropped, and how it bounces off of several pins on the way down governs into which of several boxes at the bottom it falls into. Each of these boxes will have a value attached, and this value is the multiplier of your stake.

The value of these will vary from less than one (ie, if you stake 2 GC, it falls into a box marked 0.5x, so you only end up with 1 GC) near the center, to larger multipliers as you work your way out. This is simple, but you can define the risk factor by switching between low medium and high risk, which sets the multiplier values. You can also change the number of boxes at the bottom of the screen, tailoring the experience to one that suits your style of play. Like Crash, you can play this with both types of coin, so it ticks many of the same boxes.


Dice is another simple game using very basic principles. The outcome is decided by the roll of a 100-sided die, and you need to predict what number it is likely to be. Not exactly, of course, as that would be far from simple, but you use a slider to show the range of numbers between 1-100 you wish to cover. For example, if you choose to cover just 1-20, your chances of winning are low, but the multiplier for your stake is high (4.95). Alternatively, if you clover 1-90, your chance of winning rises to 90% but the multiplier sits at just 1.1.

This allows you to control the amount of risk in line with your playing style, and you can do this with both types of coin, and in either manual or auto mode.

Compare these easy-start games

Game Simplicity Coins used Play on Auto? Strategy available
Crash 10/10 GC & SC Yes Predictor Bot
Plinko 9/10 GC & SC Yes None
Dice 9/10 GC & SC Yes None

Getting more free coins to play Crash and other Stake Originals at

Whatever method you adopt for playing Crash, or any of the other games to start your time with, you will need both GC and SC to make it happen. To help with this there are other ways you can get more of both types of coin.

The daily reload

This is the most simple way of getting more coins as all you have to do is log in each day. This is a particularly good tactic at, as unlike some other sweepstakes casinos, your daily reload awards you both GC and SC.

Social Media promotions

Certainly less frequent than your daily top-ups, but still a good source of more coins. Keep your eye on Stakes online platforms for details of giveaways.

On-site promotions

As well as social media, run what appears to be a continual stream of promotions for both new and regular players. Most of these are triggered by gameplay, where the more you play, the more entries you receive into a draw for a share in 250M GC + Free 25K SC every single week. Other promotions include:

  • Multiplier Drops for one of 50 prizes of 100 SC
  • Daily Races where the top 100 layers on the leaderboard get prizes
  • Challenges based around meeting targets in specific games
  • Slots Battles
  • You can win extra prizes for hitting certain multipliers in Stake Original games

Mail in a request

While the other methods could get you either type of coin, this one is for SC only. By mailing in a request to the office in Texas, you can be awarded 5 SC, provided your handwritten entry meets all the criteria set out in the T&Cs.

Crash is the perfect place to start playing at, and the Stake Casino Crash Predictor could help you

Knowing where to start when the casino has a wide range of games can be difficult, but has made it much easier with games like Crash. It requires no previous knowledge, and a new player can pick up the basics almost immediately. Over time you can develop strategies to help your style of gameplay, and you can take that one step further by utilizing a bot to help predict the Crash multiplier.

Regardless of whether you use the bot or not, Crash is the best start to your experience, and should be your first port of call right after you have claimed your 5% rakeback offer.

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Stake Casino Crash Predictor FAQ

Where can you download the Stake Casino Crash Predictor?

Stake Casino Crash Predictor is not available directly from the Stake Casino site, but it can be found by using a simple Google search. This will take you to a page where you will find it as a Chrome extension that can be added by following the instructions on the screen.

Do you need to know anything about Stock Markets to play Crash?

Crash is a simple game where you decide when to cash out before the market crashes. This is very loosely based on how financial markets work, so no prior knowledge is needed and the basics can be picked up in a matter of minutes.

Can you win cash prizes playing Crash?

You can play Crash with both types of coins at You can play with GC just for fun, or you can play with SC, which once other criteria are met, can be exchanged for cash prizes once you have enough of them.


None of the information on this website is investment or financial advice and does not necessarily reflect the views of CryptoMode or the author. CryptoMode is not responsible for any financial losses sustained by acting on information provided on this website by its authors or clients. Always conduct your research before making financial commitments, especially with third-party reviews, presales, and other opportunities.