Squid Game #Players First Mint Sells In Under 30 Minutes After Overwhelming Whitelist Applications


Global interest in non-fungible tokens, blockchain gaming, and the Metaverse is on the rise. Play-to-Earn mechanics, combined with NFT technology, can help unlock many use cases and opportunities. Squid Game #Players recently launched its stage 0 minting of their NFTs for the Metaverse, which presented overwhelming demand.

Squid Game #Players Has A Broad Appeal

There are many reasons to be excited about the Squid Game #Players NFT ecosystem. It is more than an NFT collection on the Binance Smart Chain, as every Metaverse #Player provides access to six different GameFi experiences in the form of online Play-to-Earn games. Players are divided into eight categories – including Guards, VIPs, Policemen, Leaders, Salesmen, and much more – with varying rarities. 

The main idea is using these #Players to participate in games, which will be part of the Squid Game #Players Metaverse. All games will become accessible during stage 5 of the project. The first game launches with stage 4, where users can leverage their minted #Players to receive governance tokens. Participation will yield rewards, even if a player does not win the game. 

However, there are incentives for those who prefer to win. The winners of the first set of competitive games will receive prizes of $25,000 per game and up to $150,000 for all six games. This is in addition to the generous bonuses and airdrops of the #Players NFTs and its governance token. The token lets users take part in governance and voting on project decisions, including partnerships, improvements, features, and even stopping the games. 

All NFTs in the collection are hand-drawn and come to life through different color schemes and vibrant hues. While the artist prefers to remain anonymous for now, she has won multiple international awards thanks to eye-catching features and effects. The collection took over 300 hours of work and provides users with unique #Player portraits, attributes, backgrounds, and effects. The designer’s identity will be revealed after stage 2 is completed. 

Stage 0 Notes Strong Interest

As the Squid Game #Players ecosystem rolls out, the team successfully concluded stage 0 of its roadmap on January 12th, 2022. Interested parties could mint one of the 456 #Players at a 70% discount during that stage. However, users could only mint after being approved on the whitelist, which was overwhelmingly popular. Roughly 7,000 people wanted to join the whitelist for this stage, but only 500 applicants were chosen and 456 NFTs were available for minting. 

It took less than 30 minutes for approved users to mint all available #Players. The reasoning behind the quick sale is the appeal of earning tokens for participating in multiple fun, competitive, Play-to-Earn games that will launch soon. More #Players can be minted at a discount during stage 1 (1,144 #Players) and stage 2 (1,400 #Players).

It is worth noting that #Players minted during stage 0 and stage 1 receive more governance tokens from playing Metaverse games than #Players minted on other stages. They’ll also have more practice for the games, increasing their chances to win the $150,000 prize–an extra incentive to get in on this collection early. Moreover, the Binance Smart Chain provides very low minting fees, making it more favorable to blockchains like Ethereum.

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