Launches “The Clubhouse” Program for Loyal Users

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    The strength of any project or platform relies heavily on the status of its community and every great company knows this fact in assessing the soundness of its value chain. For most companies, providing community incentives is an essential way to establish product assimilation.

    Community is What Matters

    One maxim that holds true across all industry types is one coined by Digital Branding and Marketing expert Pam Moore: “You can never go wrong by investing in communities and the human beings within them”. And this simple but yet potent understanding can help scale any product, company, or an entire state. And so, when platforms like leading Bitcoin sportsbook introduces a new initiative called The Clubhouse to enable players to feel and adopt the sense of community in sports betting, it goes a long way to establish how well vested the platform is in the interest of its users. Marketing Lead Justin Le Brocque in his statement announcing the program implied that innovation came through consumer support and feedback. As more players engaged with the platform and provided the needed feedback to enhance user participation, the team seized the opportunity to leverage the wisdom of the crowd. Brocque had said:

    “From what we have seen from customer feedback, there has been a need to switch things up for a while now, so that we can make our rewards more compatible with what our players want.”

    Only a few successful companies understand the importance of community and gladly appears to be one of them. Its affiliate brand Bitcasino had implemented a similar initiative earlier and found it to be a successful tool in bringing the community closer and allowing for a better gaming experience – something that is well priced in the industry. 

    Since its inception, has focused on the interest of its community every step of the way in delivering a platform that caters to the interest of the community at its very core. With this newly launched initiative, the team should be able to see improvements in community participation through the incentives offered.

    Leveling Up to the Clubhouse VIP Club

    With the new Clubhouse initiative, players can access a seven-tier milestone system in which they can track their progress and see what it takes to become part of the exclusive VIP club. The reward system for the VIP initiative will be tailored in such a way that it aligns with their well-established crypto-payment system, as it prides itself on secure and trustworthy betting service with withdrawal times well-known to be among the fastest in the industry.

    The team hopes this initiative will allow players to see a better perspective on the incentive mechanism as they plan on modernizing the rewards system on the platform to align with industry standards. More so, this would go a long way to enhance the retention of loyal users on the platform.

    With this move, may have improved its reputation among cryptocurrency users who are continuously looking for adequately incentivized platforms to participate in, and considering that there is a unique interest by crypto users in the betting industry. 

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