Splinterlands Tops Blockchain Gaming This Week As Axie Infinity Shows A Minor Rebound

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When cryptocurrency markets sour, all other industry verticals will be affected somehow. It is an unfortunate development but one that is par for the course. Interestingly, Splinterlands has overtaken Alien Worlds again in the blockchain gaming segment, and Axie Infinity, Era7, and Galaxy Blocks note a healthy influx of new players.

Splinterlands Tops Blockchain Gaming Again

There is an interesting “competition” going on between Splitnerlands and Alien Worlds for the #1 spot in blockchain gaming. On the monthly leaderboard, Alien Worlds is still well ahead. However, the weekly rankings paint a different picture, primarily due to Alien Worlds seeing over 10% fewer players suddenly. It is not uncommon to see a drop-off in users, but one that does raise some minor concerns.

Coinciding with a decline in Alien Worlds players is a healthy increase in Splinterlands players. With over 320,000 WAU, Splinterlands is well ahead of all competitors, although it is a weekly snapshot. These numbers and rankings will change over time, but it remains interesting to see the rankings shift over time. Another interesting aspect is how Axie Infinity keeps climbing the ranks after a few rough months.

Contrary to what some may think, Axie Infinity still has nearly 200,000 weekly active users. It may not seem significant compared to Alien Worlds and Splinterlands, although Axie Infinity is ahead of competing games like Farmers Worlds, Upload, and Gameta. Seeing blockchain gaming pick up momentum during an extensive crypto bear market remains surprising, although it confirms the long-term industry outlook remains rather bullish. 

Other Games Note Growth Too

Speaking of a revival of blockchain gaming of sorts, there are other games that note substantial growth lately. Era7: Game of Truth on the BNB Chain saw a 17.75% user increase this week. It has surpassed some other competitors and seems on track to surpass 50,000 weekly active users shortly. A significant milestone, although sustaining growth, will always prove pretty challenging.  

A similar sentiment applies to Galaxy Blocks, which runs on the ThunderCore blockchain. It saw its user base grow by over 70% this week, bringing the total to almost 43,500. It is a direct competitor to Era7 in this segment, although both games can thrive without any concerns. The big question is whether either will succeed in building long-term momentum. 

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