Spending Bitcoin: 5 Items to buy From BitPiggys Today

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Spending Bitcoin is an interesting process. There are quite a few interesting gadgets one can acquire throughout this process. The BitPiggys platform offers a lot of nice collectibles and gifts to surprise the important people in your life. 

A Physical BitPiggy

Source: BitPiggys

The core item provided to the world is the physical BitPiggy Version 1.0. As the name suggests, it is a plastic piggy bank that comes in pink, blue, and white color. For those who are more familiar with Bitcoin, they can also check out the included Opendime wallet, or even order an additional one. Gift-wrapping the BitPiggy is also an option. With the Christmas holidays drawing near, these can make for excellent gifts. 

All things considered, customers get a fairly good deal for the price of $40. Not only are these BitPiggys rather cute, they also include the Opendime wallet.  A great gift, but also a very good way to get more acquainted with what OpenDime wallets can bring to the table. There will only be 21 million of these piggy banks ever created, which is something to take into account.  

Pigtoshi Magnets

Source: BitPiggys

A smiling pig can put anyone in the world in a good mood. While shopping at BitPiggys, why not pick up a Pigtoshi magnet for just $4? In fact, for this cheap price, customers will get 1 Pigtoshi and 1 Piggyotto magnet. A very nice gift, or just something to make your own place look a bit livelier. These pigs are the Bitcoin messengers of 2020 and beyond, making them a great addition to any household. 

The BitPiggys Keychain

Source: BitPiggys

When looking for gifts or unique items, a keychain can often go a long way, Although most people will have a keychain , very few of them will own a BitPiggy one. The backside of the keychain is completely white, allowing for a high degree of customization. For the price of $5, it is a more than prominent gadget to purchase with Bitcoin.

BitPiggy T-Shirt

Source: BitPiggys

Clothing is a great way to educate the rest of the world on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A T-shirt with a Bitcoin pig giving advice to buy BTC is a rather interesting topic starter. Shirts are available for the price of $20, with sizes ranging from Small to XXL. For the chunkier cryptocurrency enthusiasts among us – such as yours truly – XXL may not be big enough, but that is a minor downside to the product as a whole. 

The BitPiggy Hat

Source: BitPiggys

Alongside a BitPiggy T-shirt, one has to own the accompanying hat. It is another great conversation starter. Design-wise, the charcoal gray design with a bright pink Bitcoin piggy has a certain appeal. It looks very stylish, with or without the T-shirt, and is priced at $20. Unlike the shirt, these hats will fit everyone, making them well worth picking up. 

Visit the Bitpiggys store today! 

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