Spending Bitcoin: 5 Gadgets to buy From CryptoCloaks Today

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Raising awareness for Bitcoin requires coordinated efforts by the international community. Spending Bitcoin on items that can aid in these efforts is worthwhile. The following items sold by CryptoCloaks can certainly start a conversation about cryptocurrency. All items on this list are gadgets that cater to everyone. 

The Bitcoin Spinner

Source: CryptoCloaks

Although the fidget spinner hype seems to be over once again, the concept still holds a lot of merit. These gadgets have captured the entire world by storm, and still remain useful ways to kill time. In the Bitcoin world, there is a gadget known as the Bitcoin Spinner. While it is not the same as fidget spinner, it certainly is an interesting piece of art in its own regard.

Users who own a Bitcoin Spinner can use it either as decoration, or as a way to raise cryptocurrency awareness. When you see someone fiddling with this gadget, one can’t help but have their interest piqued. For the price of $9,99, it is a more than welcome addition to anyone BTC enthusiast’s collection. 

Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Night Light

Source: CryptoCLoaks
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Want to surprise a younger family member with a rather unique gift? Look no further than the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Night Light. Spending Bitcoin on this item will not only make for a great gift, but also be a great conversation starter. It is a night light that wouldn’t look amiss in any home, especially for the relatively cheap price of $29,99

Users interested in purchasing this product may want to note it ships with a US plug. The CryptoCloaks team may introduce other plugs in the future, assuming there is sufficient demand to warrant the extra production effort. Using a simple travel adapter will allow for using the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole Night Light anywhere, however.

Bitcoin Coaster Set

Source: CryptoCloaks

At first, it may seem strange to start spending Bitcoin on a set of BTC coasters. However, these items are useful in virtually any circumstance, and are great to hand out as gifts too. It is a good way to strike up a conversation about Bitcoin, as the symbol cannot be ignored.

With so many customization options at one’s disposal, it is evident that CryptoCloaks is on the right track. Purchasing a set of two Bitcoin coasters costs just $9.99. The coasters can be used for both cold and hot drinks without degrading. It is one of the more popular items among CryptoCloaks team members too, based on their social activity lately. 

Bitcoin Honey Badger

Source: CryptoCloaks

People outside of the cryptocurrency industry may not be aware of the Bitcoin honey badger reference. It is worthwhile to read this WIREd article, which positions Bitcoin as “the honey badger of money”. It is certainly an interesting reference that has sparked numerous memes over the years.

Owning a Bitcoin Honey Badger in physical form is now possible. Users can choose between three different sizes, ranging from $29.99 all the way to $129.99. Having one of these in your office or living room will certainly pique other people’s interest. They also look very majestic, in fairness. 

Bitcoin Grenade

Source: CryptoCloaks

Perhaps the most iconic item ever created by CryptoCloaks has to be the Bitcoin Grenade. Under normal circumstances, owning a physical grenade is not allowed in most countries. A 3D-printed Bitcoin Grenade is something else entirely, assuming your local customs agent doesn’t find it too suspicious. It is certainly worth spending Bitcoin on. 

Similar to the coasters, users can fully customize the colors of their Bitcoin Grenade as they see fit. This is an iconic item that every Bitcoin enthusiast should try to obtain sooner or later. For the price of $29.99, customers get a very unique item that takes 12 hours to print, as it consists of 6 different pieces. 

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