Sparklo (SPRK) the Next Big Thing, Outshining Quant (QNT) and Conflux (CFX)


As technology continues evolving, so does how we handle our money. While traditional banking methods have been the norm for a long time, digital currencies are expanding their adoption globally. One of the most exciting digital currencies to emerge is called Sparklo (SPRK).

What makes Sparklo unique is its growth potential. Sparklo exhibits fascinating potential similar to cryptos like Quant (QNT) and Conflux (CFX).

Sparklo (SPRK): Ideal ecosystem for traders of noble metals

Sparklo aims to transform the trading of noble metals such as gold, silver & platinum, using blockchain technology. The platform proposes to solve two significant problems for people who want to invest in these precious metals.

The first problem is that buying, storing and selling precious metals can be complicated. It often involves dealing with intermediaries, like banks or brokers, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Sparklo’s platform simplifies this process, making it easy for individuals to buy and sell noble metals directly without intermediaries.

The second problem is that ensuring the authenticity and quality of the traded precious metals can take time and effort. With Sparklo’s blockchain technology, every transaction is recorded on a secure and transparent ledger, ensuring that the precious metals being traded are genuine and of the highest quality. This token has tremendous potential for success and is currently being offered at an unbeatable presale price for just $0.022. The platform has been fully audited by the InterFi Network and is secure and the liquidity will be locked for a total of 100 years. Based on our research, the SPRK token represents a solid opportunity in 2023, as analysts predict a jump in value of 1,500%.


Can Quant (QNT) investors survive its fall?

Quant’s price is $104.73, with a $30.00M 24-hour trading volume, a $1.26B market value and a 0.12% market domination. In the previous 24 hours, it dropped by -1.40%. Its price ranged from $0.181764 on August 9, 2018, to $424.43 on September 11, 2021.

The QNT price has fluctuated between $40.97 (cycle low) and $225.11 (cycle high) since its all-time peak. The Fear & Greed Index is neutral at 49, but the Quant price forecast sentiment is negative. Out of a maximum quantity of 14.88M QNT, 12.07M QNT are currently in circulation.

Binance announces Conflux Network (CFX) mainnet integration is complete

The Conflux Network (CFX) mainnet was fully integrated by Binance on May 11, making it possible to trade Conflux Network (CFX) tokens without converting them to BEP20 Conflux Network (CFX) tokens. The connection comes after Conflux Network (CFX) listing on Binance was declared in March. Through Conflux eSpace, Conflux Core Space and BNB Smart Chain (BEP20), Conflux Network (CFX) tokens may be deposited and withdrawn on Binance. Conflux Network (CFX) trade volume has increased due to the increased demand for Chinese blockchains and tokens. The network uses the Tree-Graph consensus mechanism to improve scalability and throughput.

Because of the surge in demand in China and collaborations with businesses like China Telecom and Little Red Book, the price of Conflux Network (CFX) has increased by more than 1500% this year. Despite a 40% decline in price over the past month, Binance’s backing might result in a price increase soon. Conflux Network (CFX) price is now $0.2483, down 5.59% over the past day, while transaction volume has increased by 19.37%.

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