Sparklo (SPRK): The Newly Launched Token More Popular than Cardano (ADA) and Chiliz (CHZ)


With the market on the verge of its bullish run, investors are planning how best to invest to catch most, if not all, of the bullish wave. While Cardano (ADA) is currently celebrating an important milestone in its ecosystem and Chiliz (CHZ) specializes in sports and entertainment, investors are nonetheless looking for new players, with all eyes on Sparklo.

Cardano’s (ADA) Last Week Report Celebrates Over 124 Projects and 64.6 Million Completed Transactions

Cardano’s (ADA) ecosystem celebrated a milestone, showing that it is thriving after all. The weekly development report by Input Output Global (IOG) about Cardano (ADA), which ended on Friday, April 12, 2023, showed 124 projects launched on Cardano (ADA), 125 projects are building on the blockchain, 8.11 million native tokens were created, and 64.6 million transactions were processed.

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This is positive news for Cardano (ADA), which will build on the momentum of a 14.90% increase in price in the last 30 days. However, the increase in Cardano (ADA) might seem small for investors hoping to ride the full extent of this bull’s wave. Instead, they are considering a different path, investing in Sparklo by being an early adopter.

Chiliz (CHZ): What Does the Future Hold for the Entertainment and Sports Token?

Chiliz (CHZ), a digital currency for sports and entertainment, is blockchain-based. Its layer-1 EVM-compatible blockchain is used to build Web 3 products to bring brands and fans together.

The fan token, Chiliz (CHZ), is used to participate in the governance of sports brands. With Chiliz’s (CHZ) all-time high of $0.89 in March 2021, it doesn’t seem to have had a significant downtrend like most coins.

Nevertheless, considering past cycles, there doesn’t seem to have been significant profit generated from Chiliz (CHZ). With Sparklo on everyone’s lips, investors would rather invest in its presale than in Chiliz (CHZ).

Sparklo (SPRK): Not a Matter of If But How Long It Will Stay Bullish

The excitement around Sparklo cannot be contained, and we can understand why. The buzz has been building since its presale and will gather even more momentum after the presale. The token’s presale currently goes for only $0.015, which is a steal considering the possible return on investment. Experts believe its price can go as high as 2,000% next year.

Sparklo is pushing a novel idea in the crypto space with its unique protocol. It is a precious metal investment platform that is about to overhaul the metal investing industry. Under the platform, investors will be able to invest in bits of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Investment in fractions of real-world assets results in investors holding an NFT, which can result in physically possessing the asset after completing the NFT.

With a successful smart contract audit, an ongoing KYC audit, early adoption, and completely locked liquidity, investors are already smiling in advance for a job well done.

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