Sparklo (SPRK) is rising in popularity, while Algorand (ALGO) and Cosmos (ATOM) seek to impress users


Sparklo pioneered the blockchain investment trading platform by focusing only on precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. It is the world’s first metal trading platform built on the blockchain. Investing in precious metals has never been easier than with this revolutionary platform, which offers cheap costs and no foreign exchange charges.

While its competitors like Algorand (ALGO) and Cosmos (ATOM) are busy trying to wow buyers in India and introducing the First Consumer Chain, Sparklo has been deployed at the perfect time, considering the current crisis could potentially unfold with traditional currency.


Cosmos (ATOM) to launch Neutron, the first consumer chain

Cosmos (ATOM) has been experiencing a sustained sell-off in the crypto market, but it’s wriggling out of it with a 5% growth over the past 24 hours to $11.1. Although the cryptocurrency is still down by 1.20% over the trailing seven-day period, the launch of the protocol’s first consumer chain called Neutron has sparked a rally. Neutron is set to go live this Wednesday in the Atom Economic Zone after the approval of proposal #792.

As a permissionless CosmWasm platform secured by Cosmos (ATOM), Neutron is designed to enable smart contracts that operate across different public networks. The move to launch Neutron is a significant milestone for Cosmos (ATOM) as it seeks to revolutionize the world of blockchain technology. Despite the extreme volatility in the crypto market this month, Cosmos (ATOM) remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and progress. With the launch of Neutron, the future looks bright for Cosmos (ATOM).

Algorand (ALGO): The sustainable blockchain for Indians to buy cryptos with ease

Algorand (ALGO), the eco-friendly Layer 1 blockchain, has partnered with Onramp Money, a top provider of fiat-crypto solutions, to bring a simplified crypto-buying experience to Indian users. Thanks to this collaboration, Indians can easily purchase ALGO coins and other digital assets with fiat currencies. Besides simplifying crypto transactions, Algorand (ALGO) is committed to using its technology for charitable purposes. However, despite these efforts, the Algorand (ALGO) coin is not yet showing significant price improvements.

Compared to other networks in the DeFi sector, Algorand (ALGO)’s TVL is relatively low. This is because the blockchain is less focused on decentralized applications and more on institutional relationships in the US. Presently, one Algorand (ALGO) token is worth $0.167, giving the whole cryptocurrency market a value of $1.2 billion; 24-hour trading volume is roughly $40 million.

Sparklo (SPRK) emerges as the new favorite in the crypto space

Sparklo is a revolutionary blockchain investment trading platform specializing in gold, silver and platinum. As the world’s first metal trading platform built on the blockchain, Sparklo is changing the game for investors everywhere.

Sparklo has attracted over 3,500 sign-ups in just two weeks and sold 80 million tokens in Stage One alone. During its current presale stage 2, the SPRK Token trades at just $0.022 with a 30% bonus for early investors. The blockchain-based platform offers transparency and security in all of its investments and has recently completed a KYC application process to amplify its security. It’s been audited by the InterFi Network and its liquidity has been locked for a total of 100 years.

As Sparklo shines and its competitors Algorand and Cosmos work to keep up, investors can look forward to an exciting and innovative future in the crypto space. Some experts foresee a rise of 1,500% for the Sparklo token by December 2023. Hence, we believe Sparklo is an investment opportunity you want to take advantage of. Sign up for the presale below and become an early investor.

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