Sparklo (SPRK) Gains Attention After Decrease of Hedera (HBAR) and Flow (FLOW)


Investors and traders are always eyeing new cryptocurrencies through which they can engage in the process of diversification. With so many options out there, the Web3 space represents a solid opportunity through which investors and traders can get into new blockchain-based projects that can provide them with solid returns.

With the recent decrease in the value of well-established projects such as Hedera (HBAR) and Flow (FLOW), investors and traders have made a move towards the presale of Sparklo, and today, we will be exploring why this cryptocurrency and project has gained so much attention, and why the others have dipped.

Hedera (HBAR) Falls By 21.9% Despite Reaching 8B Transactions

The team behind Hedera (HBAR) announced on May 2, 2023, that the network managed to process a total of 8 billion transactions, out of which 1 billion occurred within the span of the last 15 days.

Additionally, the community saw an update on the State of Hedera (HBAR) in Q1, 2023, based on data from Messari, where the network finessed robust financial performance and further growth across all network services.

Despite this massive growth, the value of the Hedera (HBAR) cryptocurrency has been in decline. As of May 3, 2023, Hedera (HBAR) traded at $0.057420.

Within the last 30 days, Hedera (HBAR) decreased by 21.9%, and in the last two weeks, it saw a decrease of 15.6%.

Flow (FLOW) Dips by 20.3% Despite huge Ecosystem Growth

The Flow (FLOW) network also made waves across the previous month when the team announced that the project had passed 20 million accounts so far.

Flowserve also published a weekly recap surrounding the state of the Flow (FLOW) network, ranging from the span of April 24 to April 30, where they went over how Flow (FLOW) partnered with Google Cloud to boost WEb3 growth with a grant of $1 million, and how Flowverse NFT launched bulk listing, lowered to 0% in MP fees, and added over 20 more NFT collections.

Despite the massive growth of the Flow (FLOW) ecosystem, its value has been in decline, and as of May 3, 2023, the cryptocurrency traded at $0.842498.

Within the last 30 days, Flow (FLOW) saw a decrease of 13.5%, and in the last two weeks, the overall decrease was at 20.3%.

Sparklo (SPRK) Presale Gains Large Appeal From Investors

The Sparklo project is being developed as an alternative-investment platform that will allow any user an opportunity to make investments in and begin trading fractionalized non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are backed by silver, gold, and platinum.

The platform will also partner with jewelry stores to aid them in bringing their products to market while also enabling investors the opportunity to benefit from early access and discounts on them.

Investors can invest in NFTs that represent real-world luxury investments. At the presale stage, SPRK trades at $0.017. Analysts predict that it can climb in its value by 4,000%. The project has been audited by the InterFi Network, and the liquidity behind it will be locked for 100 years.

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