Space Knight Club — First of its Kind Fully DAO NFT Fraternity

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Every project needs a community. Space Knight Club is putting the power in the hands of the people. Only the loyal hands rule.

Cryptocurrencies represent decentralization— open government of the people, for the people, and by the people. NFTs take that freedom one step further. We have total control over our assets; we decide what happens to them: no external manipulations, no sanctions, no violations of privacy. Beyond art, we have in our hands our destinies, and we could choose to ferry them where we would.

NFT clubs represent the perfect place for us to belong truly. Most clubs would need you to prove your token ownership before they grant you access to VIP benefits. Utility drives the NFT space. What if McDonald’s issued a collection of non-fungible tokens which we could own to get access to free food as club members? The thought is fulfilling, but the community deserves more than access. You deserve more. Thus, the inspiration behind Space Knight Club began to take form. What if we had a DAO and NFT Club? What if we gave back to the community? What if we gave power and revenue back to the people?

The Project

Space Knight Club is beyond an NFT collection or the regular NFT Club. We have a unique never-seen-before model, where two club levels co-govern. Beyond that, we believe that the community owns the project, so 100% of the revenue earned from royalties goes back to the people. Fat pockets, or wallets, should not determine access to VIP status, so SKC has the founding principle that everyone earns his place.

The Model

The Space Knight Club project features 1969 (in reference of the date Armstrong first set foot on the moon) unique NFTs (ERC-721), designed by their creative artist. Owning one of these tokens gives you access to the first level of the SKC— the Spacewalkers. 

Anyone can be a Spacewalker. If you own a Spacewalker NFT, then you are a Spacewalker. In governance, Spacewalkers make proposals concerning the community vault (a multi-sig account where all royalty proceeds go) and can upvote on preferred recommendations. When a proposal receives over 30 Spacewalker votes, it moves on to the next governance level. Spacewalkers have a maximum holding period. Trading them would reset their holding duration, and if you hold them beyond the full holding time, the Spacewalker can become a Knight.

The Knights represent the upper echelons of the DAO in the Space Knight Club. We know how treasured the Knights of Camelot and how no one could become a knight by mere chance or wealth? In SKC, you can only become a Knight when an existing Knight chooses you or when you stand trial, and the community finds you worthy. Knighthood means loyalty, and chivalry cannot be purchased. Thus, every Knight earns their place and ownership of the community vault. Yes, you read right.

When you become a Knight, you have equal ownership with other Knights (and founders, who are no more than Knights) of the multi-sig account holding the revenue funds and an equal voting power when we need to decide on proposals put forward by the Spacewalkers. Who wouldn’t love to be a Knight? Ownership is not the only reward for being a Knight. Every Knight owns Proof Of Knight NFT that cannot be transferred or sold. Once a Knight, always a Knight. The Knight community would also relate on personal levels, i.e., know where your fellow Knights reside, their hobbies, and contact information.

The Structure

The Space Knight Club gives power back to the people through the Community Vault and the DAO. The Community Vault receives all of the 5% royalty fees on every sale at OpenSea or any other marketplace. We have a team of seven founders and three moderators, and they do not have access to these funds. Only the community (the Knights, through the proposals of the Spacewalkers) can determine what the funds in the Vault would be used on and approve the action—decentralization at its best.

What Space Knight Club Believes

NFTs stand for true self-sovereignty, away from censorship, backend manipulations, and centralized governance. At Space Knight Club, we believe in the true decentralization of power and storage. We also believe in the community and the vital role they play in the success of a project.

An NFT should be much more than just awesome art, and this is what Space Knight Club represents. While we believe NFTs are more than art, we know that art is life. Our non-fungible tokens were painstakingly designed to be unique and related to one another— unique, just as you are.

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