South Korea is on the Verge of Researching a CBDC


South Korea continues to explore opportunities in the world of crypto assets. The country’s central bank is now planning to research this new form of money in an aggressive manner.

Bitcoin and altcoins have proven to be incredibly popular in South Korea.

Digital Currency Research in South Korea

This is primarily due to this region embracing some positive forms of regulation.

Instead of stifling the industry, South Korean officials want to let crypto grow organically. 

It now appears that this ongoing success attracted the attention of the South Korean central bank.

Normally, that would not be a good sign, but in this case, the news is rather positive.  

In a recent job posting, the bank of Korea confirms it wants to recruit additional cryptocurrency experts.

These individuals will help shape the domestic payment and settlement system over the coming years. 

Furthermore, the Bank of Korea will continue to build and research blockchain-based projects.

That move is in line with what China has planned, and what Japan has been doing for some time now.

This renewed interest in digital currencies is anything but surprising.

In South Korea, one of the plans is to launch a central bank digital currency. 

Without the proper expertise, such a venture cannot be undertaken.

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