Some People are Still Trading HEX for Some Reason

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There is always something going on in the cryptocurrency space that might not make sense at first. HEX, for example, is noting a massive price surge despite being a confirmed Ponzi Scheme. 

Scams and Ponzi schemes aren’t hard to come by in the cryptocurrency space.

What is Going on With HEX?

Most of those projects tend to disappear into obscurity after a little while.

Others prove to be more resilient, for reasons unknown.

HEX is an interesting example in this particular regard.

Its price collapsed entirely after a few weeks, and people expected the project to be done for.

That is not entirely the case, as the token is still trading on some platforms today.

As such, its value tends to skyrocket every now and then, as there are still holders looking to dump on unsuspecting traders.

It has been a while since any discussion pertaining to HEX ended on a high note.

The project is, seemingly, still being developed, albeit it remains unclear what will happen in the long run.

For those willing to gamble with their money, this market may prove lucrative.

However, there will always be bagholders in the end, with no one left to buy a token that has no value whatsoever. 

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