Solana’s (SOL) Tokens Grow Amid Rising Wallet Usage: Everlodge (ELDG) the rising star set to storm the market


Solana records an increase of active wallet addresses and Everlodge challenges the existing housing market by offering fractional investments in luxury vacation rentals. Read below to find out if either of these cryptos fit in your portfolio.

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Solana wallet addresses on the rise

Solana’s address growth outpaces other blockchains and contributes to the bullish price action. Active wallet addresses using the popular network increased by over 55% in 2023.

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This turned Solana’s price action bullish, with price appreciating, amidst a surge in the NFT market on the Solana blockchain.

Over $1 million in total NFT sales were recorded on the Solana network, increasing over 1000% in the last month. At the time of writing, Solana’s price is at $20.40 and currently trades above the major support level at $20. Solana consistently grew its community besides the ongoing bear market, though it is still recovering from the FTX scandal.

New daily addresses can be an indicator for growth and adoption. Solana’s metrics show new users peaked at over 400,000 in May, and daily active wallets have increased as well this year, with over 30 million active users in June.

Everlodge – Vacation Real Estate Meets Web3

Everlodge offers a real estate investment platform based on the Ethereum network. Using fractionalized NFTs enables co-ownership and investment in luxury villas and vacation rentals.

The smart contract has been audited with the audit report available in the whitepaper on the official Everlodge website.

ELDG serves as the native token for the Everlodge ecosystem. With no minimum amount, purchases can only be made during the ongoing presale using ETH, USDT or BNB.

The Everlodge token will be listed on Uniswap and a CEX.

All real estate is undergoing a rigorous due diligence procedure and is owned using a financial tool called a special purpose vehicle. Everlodge’s focus lies on 100% transparency with all the contract details being available publicly on the blockchain and listed on the Everlodge Marketplace. Investments will start from as little as $250.

The Everlodge NFTs offer proof of authenticity and ownership and can be used as collateral for lending or trading. Everlodge policy keeps ownership safe as the property can’t be sold unless owning 100% of all the fractions. With the massive demand of the global housing market, there is enough liquidity to support and open up the potential that Everlodge provides.

Investors have the option to use the NFTs as collateral for low-interest loans and physical properties can be used to secure loans through a straightforward process.

On the Everlodge launchpad, developers will find the opportunity for fundraising. Everlodge will exclusively collaborate with established and reputable developers. The Everlodge community will receive equity or debt in return. Paired with the upcoming staking options Everlodge could be a good choice for a passive income investment.

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