Solana Projects to Watch in 2022: Nova Finance (NOVA), Solice (SLC) and Pac-Man Frog (PAC)

The Solana (SOL) blockchain is a Layer one blockchain built to solve some of the inefficiencies of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. It boasts faster transaction times, more transactions per block, low transaction fees and proof of stake consensus mechanism as opposed to proof of work. These make the Solana blockchain attractive to developers looking to build the next generation of dApps and projects. 

Since it was first launched, there have been different projects built on the blockchain. DEFI, NFTs, and Gaming projects have all found a home on the blockchain. With so many projects being launched at an impressive speed, it is difficult to keep up with good projects. There are three projects you should be looking at in the Solana (SOL) ecosystem: Nova Finance (NOVA), Solice (SLC), and Pac-Man Frog (PAC).

Nova Finance (NOVA)

Nova Finance (NOVA) is a DeFi application built on the Solana blockchain. It improves investors’ experience through its use of programmable assets. Nova Finance wants to optimise investor time and value by bringing tools like automation to DeFi. In addition, it will onboard new crypto investors by allowing them to view and copy trades from expert investors on the platform.

In addition, users of NOVA will also earn a yield on all investments done within the platform. Using the programmable assets allows for detailed customization and composability of assets. The customised assets (nAssets) are composable meaning that they can be accepted and interchanged among protocols. Investors have full control and autonomy over their portfolios. In addition, they can move between protocols without any friction or interference. Therefore, this gives investors the ability to enter and exit trades without fear of penalties. 

Solice (SLC)

Solice (SLC) is the first cross-platform VR metaverse built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Users can transact, explore, and participate in the community. Solice contains elements of gaming, social, and crypto as it aims to gather a diverse community of users. Incorporating the VR element brings an immersive experience that keeps users locked into the ecosystem. 

Users can also buy lands, create avatars, acquire pets, meet people, and go on quests. In addition, Solice is designed with a community-first approach. The marketplace and interchange are built to facilitate transactions fast and seamlessly using the power of the Solana (SOL) blockchain

To add to its uniqueness, Solice has distinct lore that sets it apart from other Metaverse/ Crypto gaming. Putting its users in a world far removed from current realities. This creates a sense of adventure and deepens the VR immersiveness of the project. It is one to watch because it is poised to take off when the full capabilities are activated. 

Pac-Man Frog (PAC)

Pac-Man Frog (PAC) is a GameFi ecosystem built on Solana. It wants to incubate, mentor, and provide the resources necessary for crypto gaming builders to succeed. It will provide mentorship from the best minds in the space and give investors a front-row seat into up and coming projects.

In addition, PAC aims to provide a marketplace for the trading of GameFi NFTs. For enthusiasts and investors interested in regular NFTs it will use its aggregator to provide real-time information on the market. For upstart NFT projects looking for a leg up, PAC will offer an NFT launchpad that would enable them to get early investors.

Users who own governance tokens will be able to control major decisions through its DAO. Pac-Man Frog is community-driven and will strive to ensure it becomes the biggest GameFi platform on the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Get in on the ground floor of this wonderful project by investing early. 

For more research and details regarding PAC-MAN Frog, check out the official handle and websites below:




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