Solana price trades flat, TRON price could surge – Analysts favor for the biggest gains

Despite the release of the Solana Saga phone, SOL’s price is declining. Meanwhile, Justin Sun tries to distract people from issues with the sale and promotion of Tron. Those looking for innovation turn towards Tradecurve, who are a new decentralized trading platform offering borderless access to financial derivatives and crypto trading, all with anonymity and no KYC.


Solana’s Sage fails to excite SOL traders

Solana’s flagship phone is about to be released and will allow people to easily access web3 dApps, see their NFTs and more. However, the markets seem unimpressed as Solana’s price is currently trading below the psychological barrier of $20.

The downtrend in the price of Solana (SOL) is likely due to the crypto market witnessing a sell-off. The weakness in Bitcoin’s price action is contributing to the red market. Solana is currently trading 21% lower than its yearly high, indicating bearish sentiment.

On Thursday, many cryptocurrencies showed a negative price movement due to Bitcoin’s failure to sustain the $28,000 level. Despite the recent pump, Bitcoin’s price has now dropped to $27,400. Solana is down by 15% over the last 30 days.

Can the HackaTron boost TRX and distract people from Sun’s latest mistake?

Tron’s founder Justin Sun loves to be in the limelight and his most recent play is to publicly trade memecoins so that others can see and copy him if they wish. He will front any losses and donate any gains to charity. Naturally he is keen to point out that his trading isn’t financial advice, or connected directly to Tron, particularly since he and other celebrities like Akon and Lindsay Lohan have recently gotten themselves into trouble with the SEC for promoting Tron (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT) for the “unregistered offer and sale of crypto asset securities”.

This led Binance.US to delist Tron in April citing a range of factors such as alterations in the token’s risk profile, regulatory standing in the U.S., and unethical behavior.

Tron’s 4th and snappily named HackaTRON has just finished, the results will be announced shortly, and it’s possible that the projects developed may boost the price of TRX.

Tradecurve brings something new and exciting to DeFi

While Solana and Tron struggle to achieve positive price action, a new token TCRV, shows a lot of potential.

TCRV is the native token of Tradecurve, which is a hybrid trading platform. It avoids the need for KYC and other lengthy registration processes by using users deposited crypto as collateral. This provides full anonymity for their traders. Better yet, the decentralized app also allows trading of many financial products such as forex, ETFs, options, commodities, bonds and more.

Many people do not have access or the ability to trade such products, due to country regulations or lack of access to banking and trading platforms. Tradecurve aims to democratize traditional finance by bringing it into the world of DeFi.

Another bonus is that it is often difficult for people to gain access to leverage, and so Tradecurve offers high leverage starting from 500:1. While all of these terms may be intimidating to newbie traders, they don’t have to worry, as a metaverse learning academy will be featuring classes and guest speakers. For those too busy to learn they can simply make use of copy trading features from successful traders (who can charge a subscription to those who wish to copy trade), or people can use AI algorithmic trading bots.

Tradecurve is in the first stage of its presale, with tokens currently priced at $0.01, and 40% of the total supply available in tranches that increase in price as the presale continues. Given that the token is expected to increase by 50x during presale, and experts are predicting a rise of 100x once it launches on Uniswap and then tier 1 exchanges, TCRV is a potentially very rewarding coin to hold in a diversified portfolio.

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