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What Makes’s (SNW) Mission Unique?

The theoretical foundations for bitcoin were laid down in 2008, but it wasn’t until 2009 that it was created. Over the next four years, bitcoin would prove its real-world viability and spawn over 50 imitation cryptocurrencies, each with their twists on the original. Come 2022, that number has exploded to over 20,000. Each year, thousands of new cryptocurrencies are launched, and many more bite the dust. Amidst all this evolving chaos, one thing remains certain: most of these cryptocurrencies operate on blockchains that remain largely inaccessible to other blockchains in the crypto industry. (SNW) intends to change precisely this!

What is (SNW)? (SNW) is a multi-chain interoperability protocol that facilitates fast, secure, and user-friendly transfers of fungible and non-fungible tokens across various blockchains. Unlike the current generation of cross-chain bridge protocols currently available to users, (SNW) does not limit interoperability to any one type of token, be it fungible or non-fungible. (SNW) uses a canonical token bridge to execute fungible token transfers, while a wrapping and swap protocol makes non-fungible token transfers possible. In doing so, (SNW) intends to bridge the multitude of popular DeFi tokens and cryptocurrencies currently in use, allowing the maximum number of users to avail its functionality. 

What Makes (SNW) Unique?

Currently, some solutions in the DeFi space allow users to move their assets from one cryptocurrency to another, but they support only a handful of blockchains at most. The only real alternative for users looking to move their assets to different blockchains is a crypto exchange, which poses major obstacles like KYC and high transaction costs. If nothing, they make the experience of users tedious; in worse cases, they cost users ephemeral opportunities that arise in the crypto space and last for only a few moments. (SNW) seeks to be the bridge that connects every blockchain in the multi-chain reality that crypto users now live in. Asset transactions are fast and remarkably easy to execute. Even beginners can start moving their assets around on (SNW) with ease. What’s more, (SNW) does not slow down its users with complicated KYC requirements, no matter which blockchains they bridge.

Additionally, (SNW) charges a fraction of what crypto exchanges charge for transactions, which makes it a favorite among heavy crypto users.

Perhaps, the one reason that makes (SNW) unique in the industry is its ability to support NFT asset transfers. With (SNW), NFT users would not be forced to drop their assets when they join a new blockchain-based platform. They can take their NFT assets with them to the new platform.

Rewarding Users

Besides the myriad real-world applications offered by (SNW), it also offers lucrative benefits to its users with staking and yield farming opportunities. Liquidity pools can offer APYs as high as 350% to users. With robust cybersecurity systems baked into the design and structure of (SNW), users can enjoy this platform’s brilliant features without worrying about their funds’ safety and security.

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