SmartMint NFT Tool Gives Creators Ownership of Smart Contracts

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Pastel network, the leading standard for Web 3 technology and NFTs, has recently launched SmartMint, an NTF minting service for Solana, Pastel, Polygon, and Ethereum platforms.

Pastel Network has played a significant role in revolutionizing the NFT space since it was founded in 2018. The network has previously developed unique protocols that integrate seamlessly with all native layer-1 and layer-2 decentralized applications.

For instance, Pastel Network provided a near duplicate NFT detection tool known as Sense. Sense is a deep learning technology that assesses the uniqueness of an NFT to detect counterfeits, scams, and copyright infringements.

Another protocol on the Pastel Network is Cascade. Cascade is an NFT data and metadata storage protocol that provides NFT creators with a permanent and redundant storage that lacks a central point of failure, IPFS pining, monthly subscription maintenance, and 404 errors.

Due to their revolutionary protocols, Pastel Network has attracted the attention of and entered into partnerships with several layer one blockchains and NFT marketplaces, including Parity technologies, Ava labs, and polygon solutions, on and TomoChain.

Pastel Network has recently launched yet another groundbreaking protocol that seeks to streamline NFT mining while still upholding decentralization by allowing artists ownership over their infrastructure.

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How SmartMint Works

SmartMint offers artists automated tools for deploying smart contracts. To access these tools, artists must pay a monthly subscription.

Once they have a membership, users can easily create custom NFT drops and Collections using smart contracts deployed on a network of their choice.

Unlike in other NFT minting tools, creators on SmartMint don’t have to have any coding knowledge. All they have to do is pay their membership, connect their digital asset wallet and follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an NFT drop or collection

Drops are fixed supply smart contracts that allow the creator to specify factors such as minimum mint price or maximum mints per address. Collections are open-supply smart contracts typically controlled by the creator.

To create a drop or collection, the creator enters the contract name or symbol, uploads creative assets associated with the drop or collection, and then chooses their network of choice.

For drops, the creator must select the total supply amount to be minted before the NFTs are generated.

2. Generate NFTS

For drops, creators can generate TokenIDs one by one or in bulk and then add metadata such as properties, attributes and custom traits for each TokenID. The creator can mint NFTs from the drop depending on the Drop Contract designation.

For collections, creators can directly create and mint NFTs in bulk or individually and add metadata such as attributes, custom traits, and properties for each TokenID. Finally, the artist can choose to Airdrop the NFTS from their collections or list them for sale on their sites or third-party marketplaces.

3. Manage NFT creations

The last step when minting NFTs on SmartMint is to manage them by adding new NFTs to existing collections and listing them for sale in marketplaces such as Rarible and Openseas or airdropping them to users.

Final Word, Why SmartMint?

As a creator, SmartMint offers you unique tools that guarantee you total security when creating NFTs, help you authenticate the uniqueness of your creations, and retain ownership of all your smart contracts.

With SmartMint, you also get to leverage cascade and sense, at no additional cost. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee and gas prices for smart contracts. SmartMint will also get 2.5% of your initial sales on NFTs and 1% of all secondary sales.

Begin using SmartMint today

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