SmarterWorx Is the Decentralized Way to Profit from the Art Industry, Invest Now Alongside Stellar and Cosmos

Without a doubt, 2022 has been devastating for crypto investors. So far, the market has shed a staggering 65% in value, leaving investors in deep trouble of losing their assets. However, amid the chaos, some projects have shown resilience and rebounded strongly. Still, some new projects present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for traders to recoup their investments.

Crypto gems, like SmarterWorx, launched recently and are projected to make over 1000% gains through the ICO presale phases. With the turmoil in this current market, such profits are almost impossible to find. Other projects that could help investors return to profits are Stellar and Cosmos.

Understanding SmarterWorx

SmarterWorx is an Ethereum-based decentralized platform built to leverage NFT technology and generate revenue for investors. At its core, the platform adds value to physical art pieces and resells them to earn profits. This value chain involves tokenizing the art pieces and issuing fractional NFTs, or F-NFTs, to investors. F-NFTs are equivalent to shares of the art pieces, and upon the sale of the artwork, SmarterWorx users will earn income proportional to their holdings.

Apart from F-NFTs, the SmarterWorx ecosystem features a native ERC20 token, $ARTX. The platform has a capped supply of 1 billion $ARTX, with 60% allocated for the ongoing public presale. $ARTX is backed by assets comprising curated physical artwork in SmarterWorx’s portfolio. Also, the token is used to purchase and trade art pieces and their connected NFTs.

For many investors, the main focus is on $ARTX. The asset-backed token has a unique hyper-deflationary mechanism that depletes $ARTX from the circulating supply. This SmarterBurn model uses 50% of profits earned from art sales to buy back and burn $ARTX. Gradually, this falling supply induces more demand for $ARTX, raising the token’s price floor. Further, the earliest backers will enjoy over 10X gains during the presale.


How Does Stellar Work?

Stellar is a decentralized network built to leverage blockchain for global financial systems and power swift cross-border transactions at minimal fees. The platform links users, payment service providers, and traditional banks to a blockchain ecosystem where they can transact different cryptocurrencies. On-chain transactions on Stellar are negligible, a measly 0.00001 $XLM.

As cryptocurrencies take up and the sector rebounds following a tough-luck performance in 2022, Stellar will be crucial in meeting the growing demand for crypto financial services. Stellar’s native token, $XLM, which has dipped 60% this year, could put on a price rally when markets turn bullish.


What is Cosmos?

Cosmos is a decentralized blockchain protocol focused on creating a seamless and unified ecosystem for blockchains. The platform is building a framework of powerful tools to allow cross-chain interoperability to solve network congestion, high fees, and limited scalability. This way, dApps can achieve more efficiency and offer reliable services to users.

Cosmos’ native token, $ATOM, fuels network processes like securing transactions and staking. Users who stake $ATOM on the proof-of-stake (PoS) chain are selected to validate transactions and earn rewards. $ATOM has slumped by 65%, but is rebounding steadily.

Final Takeaway

As investors gear up for the upcoming bullish market trends, it is critical to look beyond the face value of projects before buying the dip. SmarterWorx and other leading DeFi projects launched recently are especially worth investing in, as they will generate massive gains in the short and long terms.

Alongside $ARTX, Stellar and Cosmos are also good buys for investors. Overall, SmarterWorx is the ultimate DeFi project for investors in 2022, as it is highly profitable, stable, and sustainable.

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