Smart Home Technologies are Coming to Your Door

smart homes

Today, 69% of American households own a smart device. The most common type of smart device is entertainment, followed by security and usage monitors. Smart devices are finding a place in every room of the house, though adoption rates vary. Over a third of homes have a smart speaker (like Amazon’s Alexa), but fewer than 2% of homes have invested in smart shower heads. 


Younger generations are more likely to adopt smart home technologies. 86% of millennials say they would pay more for a connected home. Their generation also spends the most on smart home tech, averaging a bill of $1,226 per year. This is because smart tech is cost effective and provides security against break ins.


Thanks to the help of experts, smart tech is developing faster than ever. Expect to see 22.3% CAGR for the smart device market in the next 4 years, an astonishing rate.

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future

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