Smart Algo prevents equity loss with new unique crypto traders Insurance Fund

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London, United Kingdom, October 1, 2021 — Smart Algo, a cutting-edge and market-leading crypto trading solution company, is launching a unique Insurance Fund to protect crypto traders and investors from equity losses. 

Smart Algo is an established tech company with seven years of experience developing the latest AI-based trading robots and solutions for crypto traders and the cryptocurrency sector. 

Thousands of day traders, investors, and crypto enthusiasts rely on Smart Algo to create stable passive incomes through cryptocurrency investments. 

Even for those new to crypto trading and investing, Smart Algo is a preferred platform for automated trading solutions. Investors don’t need a lot of knowledge and experience. Crypto traders rely on AI-based robots and algorithms to make smart, low-risk and high-reward investment decisions, generating stable returns and a reliable passive income. 

Equity Loss Prevention Insurance Fund 

On October 1, 2021, Smart Algo is launching a one-of-a-kind “stop-loss and panic-sell system” to prevent equity losses. As anyone who’s spent any time and money investing and trading cryptocurrencies and tokens knows, losses can happen and accumulate quickly, especially when prices move suddenly. 

Prices move quickly for several reasons. Governments and financial regulators can influence cryptocurrency prices, as we have seen recently with China. As can high-net-worth traders (known as whales), who often force the market to move through buy and dump strategies. Numerous other factors can influence prices, one way or another, such as a Tweet from SpaceX and Tesla Founder & CEO, Elon Musk. 

No matter how much thought and effort traders put into protecting their capital positions, the market can move too fast to prevent losses. Unless you use an automated trading platform, such as Smart Algo. 

Not only do the AI-based robots learn quickly, the underlying technology includes a self-learning neural network. Once the algorithms powering the AI systems understand the Fibonacci or fractal trading patterns, new data is constantly analyzed to keep making improvements. All of which benefits traders, who can start to rely on a steady passive income from crypto investments. 

Now with the launch of this one-of-a-kind “stop-loss and panic-sell system” Insurance Fund, traders using the Smart Algo platform will be further protected from equity losses. 

Integral to the Insurance Fund, AI-based Safe Robots will scan the market and identify negative tendencies, which is when our system will automatically exchange all trading assets for stable coins. This way, any potential losses will be proactively protected against. 

The fund itself will initially be supported by a reinvestment of Smart Algo equity trading profits, and will generate new revenue from members’ annual fees. Making it a unique and most affordable way to prevent equity losses from crypto investments. 

Every member (user) on the Smart Algo platform will benefit from comprehensive insurance. Ensuring everyone who invests and is a fee-paying insurance user will be 100% safe from any potential equity losses. 

Always trade on the safe side, with Smart Algo. 

About Smart Algo: Smart Algo is one of the driving forces behind the future of automated cryptocurrency trading. We build technologies and products for cryptocurrency trading widely used in the industry.We’re a team of professional software developers and traders with extensive trading experience.

Our main mission is to provide our clients with the most efficient ways to obtain royalties for the use of quantum technologies and give them special access to strategic partners’ platforms.

Thousands of cryptocurrency lovers, professionals, and investors rely on our company as their preferred platform for automated cryptocurrency strategies.We are creating opportunities for pioneers in the field of financial technology; getting traders the results they want, with smart automated trading. 

At Smart Algo, we strive to take full advantage of quantum technology. It helps us stay one step ahead of all the competition by embedding data processing in quantum neural networks and harnessing quantum algorithms’ computing power. This allows us to significantly increase the accuracy of the analytical data used for the development, tuning, and adjustment of algorithmic systems and increase the platform’s overall efficiency.

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