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The term “one-armed bandit” is ubiquitous in real life, and online is a particular slot machine with symbols on the reels. The reels spin, prize combinations for which the player receives payments or bonuses. Play on a one-armed bandit online downloaded to a mobile device or personal computer. Learn more with casino Yoju.

How to play on a one-armed bandit
After choosing a suitable machine for your needs, you should familiarise yourself with its structure and operating principle. Each one-armed bandit uses its own rules for setting up the gameplay and the system of payments for prize combinations. However, the unifying feature for such machines, both online and land-based control panels, often acts. Conventionally, it can be divided into two parts:

Screens with preset data – here, the bet per line, the total value of the spin, the winnings of the last rotation, the balance is noted. In addition, if there is a jackpot in the machine, its size is often indicated there.

Setting keys, through which you can bet, select the desired number of lines, start or stop the scrolling drums.

Play on a one-armed bandit can be free to use the demonstration game currency. This allows you to quickly familiarise yourself with the functionality, combinations and bonus games if they are present.

Symbols, combinations, paytables
The appearance of the symbols that appear on the reels directly depends on the machine’s theme, as does their number. For example, winning combinations on one-armed bandit consist of these icons. Typically, these images can be classified into two groups: only the payment and activating bonuses.

The first group consists of symbols with a low payout ratio; they are often depicted as playing cards. Short chains of low-paying symbols usually do not pay off the total bet on the scroll. Therefore, players should keep a close eye on the ratio of the cost of the spin to the reward received.

High payout symbols, as a rule, represent the critical points of the chosen theme. For example, in “fruit”, one-armed bandits include combinations of Seven, Bells or BAR. These combinations are not very common but bring substantial winnings.

The pictograms that activate the bonus rounds may look different but are easily identified in the paytable by name. First and foremost is the wild symbol (Wild), which can replace any symbol on the field to form or continue a prize combination. The following special symbol is Scatter, which brings free spins. Depending on the machine and the manufacturer, the additional functions of the scatter vary, as do the conditions for free scrolling. Often the one-armed bandit uses a separate symbol for the jackpot round.

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