SkyArk’s Fantasyverse Links it Ecosystems of NFT Games

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The NFT industry is in full swing and constantly evolving. More and more new NFT collections are released all of the time, bringing new ways to use and enjoy them in the process. 

One of the more popular ways NFTs are used is in video games. NFTs are used in numerous, inventive ways in video games, such as using an NFT as a character, earning NFTs by playing, and more. 

Video games and NFTs seem like the perfect combination, with countless new projects being released all the time. Another excellent benefit of having NFTs and video games so closely linked is that it promotes the use of NFTs and, in turn, contributes to the mass adoption of blockchain and blockchain-related tech. 

SkyArk is building a digital ecosystem through Game-Fi and Dapps, starting with a new NFT game that is their tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Their new game looks to scrap the old play-to-earn model found in most NFT games and is going for a play-AND-earn model. This model allows players to enjoy the game while also earning NFTs in the process. 

SkyArk will also be launching an NFT marketplace, auctions, loot boxes, and physical and digital collectibles.

SkyArk a Fantasyverse Anime Role Playing Game

SkyArk plans to create triple-A NFT video games with a set of NFTs traversable across all of their titles. They will also be developing an NFT Game Engine that will support their games and other future projects.

SkyArk is building an ecosystem that strives towards quality and long-term sustainability. The platform will have original intellectual properties that can be extended beyond the game. 

The game allows users to earn tokens and NFTs by playing the game and then staking the NFTs for rewards. The token that players can earn is the SkyArk ($SAR) token. $SAR is the primary token that players earn to level up and develop their character. The token also functions as a governance token. 

Another token can be earned in the game is called the Relic Energy Ore ($REO) token. The $REO is a gaming token that players earn by defeating an opponent or completing missions in the game.

Within SkyArk, players will go on journeys to find Satoshi Nakamoto, discover skylands, uncover mysteries, and level up to ward off enemies and monsters. 

Players can also purchase SkyLands, which will provide exclusive control over the Skyland, enabling them to mine resources, develop castles, and farm and harvest produce. The Skylands can also be leased out to generate passive income and levelled up to improve SkyArk. Levelling up Skylands will also level up your character and boost leaderboard rankings. 

SkyArks Roadmap

SkyArk’s fantasyverse will be developing over the next year, bringing out all of their connected games, with NFTs that traverse from one game to another. They will also be launching their NFT marketplace, and continually updating their games. 

Here is a closer look at what they have planned this year and all of next year:

Q4 2021 

Preparation, Planning. 

Origination of Intellectual Property (IPs). 

Onboarding investors and advisors. 

Q1 2022 

Token Launch on Exchange(s)

Phase 1 Limited Release of NFTs characters (Binance NFT)

Staking of $SAR for rewards

NFT Game Engine Development

Q2 2022

NFT Marketplace (SAC platform)

Phase 2 Release of NFT characters

NFT Game Engine Testing (Internal)

Q3 2022

Release of SkyArks (Guild)

1st Title Alpha Testing

PvE, PvP, Gameplay (DAO)

Q4 2022

2nd Title Alpha Testing

Interoperable NFT for 2 Titles

Release of NFT SkyLands

Incubate new projects with NFT Game Engine 

SkyArk has already garnered a lot of hype with 3.5K followers on Twitter and Telegram.

Their inventive new take on NFT games and their dedication to honouring the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto will surely build a community of players and NFT collectors. 

With new exciting NFT projects like this on the rise, bringing in a new crowd of gamers, the fight towards mass adoption for blockchain and blockchain-related tech will become a much more attainable goal.  

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