SingularityNET Taps Cardano to Advance Decentralized AI Development

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Cardano is known as a cryptocurrency and blockchain project. What most people don’t know is how artificial intelligence is also of great interest, With the help of SingularityNET, decentralized AI development will receive a healthy nudge. 

Decentralized AI Development is Ongoing

Artificial intelligence has the potential to disrupt many business models, but also everyday life as people know it. Exploring this industry can lead to major breakthroughs. While some may not see the benefit of a blockchain-oriented project getting involved, the reality may be very different once everything is said and done. 

Both Cardano and SingularityNET are eager to explore new frontiers of decentralized AI development. More specifically, part of SingularityNET’s AI platform will be moved from Ethereum to Cardano. A solid approach, given the technological constraints Ethereum-based projects have to contend with. At the same time, there are other benefits to explore, as alluded to SingularityNET Foundation CEO & Founder Dr. Ben Goertzel.

“The most intriguing aspect of a potential SingularityNET-on-Cardano system is not merely the promise of substantial increase in speed and scalability, but rather the subtler synergies emerging from Cardano’s functional-programming underpinnings. Cardano is implemented in the Haskell language, which lends itself to the sorts of abstract representations and transformations required for technical realization of the more advanced aspects of the SingularityNET vision.   

This relies on using the platform to host a rich variety of AIs that outsource work to other AIs, and dynamically collaborate with other AIs to solve problems. To make this sort of “society of AI minds” operate in a robust way requires an “API of APIs” — an abstract formal framework for relating the APsI (the input/output interface) of different AIs to each other, even if these AIs are doing very different things as designed by a variety of different (human or AI) creators. “

What Does it Mean?

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Exploring decentralized AI development on Cardano serves a crucial purpose. Providing mechanisms for swapping some AGI tokens to Cardano-based tokens is just one aspect. Developers also need to create synergies between Solidity smart contracts and Cardano’s Plutus smart contract language.

Moreover, the unique nature of Cardano’s consensus mechanisms can offer many benefits. Together with its native algorithms and structures, achieving theoretical grounding and practical scalability becomes possible. Given the mature state of Cardano’s technology, it can now be used for purposes such as decentralized AI development. 

For the time being, SingularityNET is used primarily for hosting simple AI agents. These agents offer services directly to their end users. Tasks include image processing, data analysis, and so forth. Some smartphone applications make use of this technology as well, but there is much more functionality waiting to be explored. 

Ultimately, SingularityNET aims to host multiple AIs capable of outsourcing work to other AI. Collaborating with other types of artificial intelligence is also high on the agenda. With the help of Cardano’s design, this vision may be realized a lot sooner than anticipated. 

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