SIDUS HEROES Gears Up for Its Launch Following a Successful IDO


The NFT industry is quickly growing and taking shape. 

One of the more notable shifts seen in the industry is how integrated NFTs have become with gaming. Many gaming companies have shifted towards NFTs, with the most recent example coming from video game retail giant GameStop, which plans to create an NFT marketplace of its own. 

With the popularity of NFTs and the pace at which they are being integrated into games, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to make a AAA game featuring NFTs. The company referred to is SIDUS HEROES

SIDUS HEROES is the world’s first triple-A, WebGL, Play-to-Earn, NFT, massively multiplayer online role-playing game

SIDUS HEROES will be playable on any device, thanks to the integration of WebGL, meaning anyone with a smartphone, tablet or desktop can access this AAA game. With this technology, users can enjoy a graphically intensive game without the need for additional equipment.  

In November and December, SIDUS HEROES held its public and private sale rounds for its native SIDUS and SENATE tokens. The IDO was held on numerous platforms simultaneously – BLOKPAD, Ignition, TrustPad, SpaceSwap, Red Kite, GameFI and Seedify. It secured support from over 200 VC funds and business partners, raising $21,060,000 from its three private rounds and one public round.

Following the IDO, both SIDUS and SENATE tokens rose in value and reached all-time highs of $0.1674 for SIDUS and $4.85 for SENATE.

The SIDUS HEROES Game & NFT Collection

Developers NFT STARS and NFT256, PlayDisplay, and SpaceSwap brought together one of the most extensive collaborations within the NFT space, receiving backing, support and collaboration from a slew of different companies as well as a host of supporters.

The NFT collection is called the SIDUS NFT HEROES collection and consists of 6,000 unique characters. Each NFT has 13 unique traits, with 133 different variables, 262 alternative skins, 152 clothing sets and 102 planet variations. The final design for each NFT is created using an AI-powered random generator.

SIDUS HEROS is a game set in a space metaverse and allows you to play out various scenarios, like interstellar exploration, wars, settlement-building and political, social and economic development. 

The game’s society has evolved to become one with technological advancements.

The game also has a closed economic system based on a limited emission of resources and incorporates ‘play-to-earn’ mechanics into its in-game items, while also using a two-token-based system.

SIDUS ACADEMY Collection & Presale Event

SIDUS HEROES recently completed the presale of its SIDUS ACADEMY collection. This set of NFTs essentially acts as tickets to the gaming metaverse and each NFT’s rarity level determines what features each Hero has.

The three rarity levels of SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs: Common, Epic, and Legendary. Each tier of SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs will cost a set amount of SIDUS tokens – 1 Common Academy Hero costs 700 SIDUS TOKENS, 1 Epic Academy Hero costs 14,000 SIDUS tokens and 1 Legendary Academy Hero costs 140,000 SIDUS tokens. 

The public sale launched at 12:00 UTC on January 12th.

The presale ended on January 6th, with sales being carried out in SIDUS tokens. On January 12th, users can claim their SIDUS ACADEMY NFTs from the SIDUS HEROES website. On January 23rd, SIDUS HEROES’ public beta version of the game will open up to all SIDUS ACADEMY holders.

With a successful IDO and presale event under its belt, SIDUS’ launch looks to be a notable one for the NFT industry as a whole and certainly won’t be the last time we see AAA games made with NFTs at their core.  

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