Sia Unleashes Skynet on to the World

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The term Skynet – other than being a Belgian ISP – has a bit of a negative ring to it in the technology space. Sia has been working on its implementation of this technology for several years. 

Unlike what one may assume, Skynet is not here to take over the world and unleash the Terminators.

Skynet on Sia has Arrived

Instead, it is designed to serve as  a permanent home for data and applications.

Files and applications can be deployed for eternity, even if the initial uploader were to disappear or no longer pay attention. 

This independent organism is compatible with marketplaces and incentive structures.

Deploying data on Skynet is straightforward.

Content uploaded will immediately be accessible to the entire world without hindrance. 

As more users “pin” the content on Skynet, it will have backup “mirrors” to access the data accordingly. 

Uploading and pinning content occurs through Sia network nodes.

As such, Skynet serves as a layer-two solution built on top of that existing network.

Downloading content occurs through dedicated portals. 

Such a portal can be run by anyone, and provide access to all files on the network as a whole. 

This new layer will introduce a lot of opportunities for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

It also ushers in the era of decentralized file and app usage. 

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