Should I buy Gold or Crypto?

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The cryptocurrency world is attracting investors looking to diversify their portfolios. With multiple assets having hit an all-time high in 2021, it remains one of the most promising opportunities for investors. However, we have seen cryptos decline wildly in the last few months. If you’re looking for a decent investment, you may be wondering, should I buy gold or crypto?  


The historical promise of gold is that it’s more of a holy grail – it reduces volatility and improves your returns in the long run. On the other hand, cryptos carry higher risk but are a wise investment if you want massive growth in your investment. 

Comparison between gold and cryptos


Gold has a history of being more volatile than cryptos. One digital currency that continues to skyrocket is Bitcoin. It has now crossed the 2.24T market capitalization, so investors believe it is long-standing on assets like gold. While experts say both gold and Bitcoin can be a great way to diversify your portfolio, the rapid decline from the $65,000 high to $48,000 has led to questions about whether their assumptions were correct. 

The truth is, Bitcoin and volatility go hand in hand. Since 2009, it has continued to increase in overall value. Typically, volatility happens when there’s fear in the markets. 

A hedge against inflation

While some people invest in cryptos to make money, others see it as a great hedge against inflation. Over the past few years, Bitcoin has shown its potential to beat inflation. So instead of putting your money in fiat assets, you should enter the cryptocurrency industry. Also, Bitcoin has the potential to be held outside the conventional financial markets.  

Traditionally, gold was used to hedge against inflation, but most mainstream asset managers see Bitcoin as an attractive inflation hedge. Lately, some investors suggested that other cryptos like Ethereum and Dogecoin can hedge against inflation. 

Since the prices are dependent on investor sentiment, you expect to see strong gains in periods of heightened investment. Furthermore, cryptos are popular among the younger circles, and we expect to see higher growth prospects than gold. 

For the last decade, Bitcoin has protected investors from the negative effects of monetary policies implemented in emerging markets. But because of the fixed supply, the crypto doesn’t face inflationary pressures common in gold and other fiat currencies. 

According to JPMorgan analysts, Bitcoin remains a better investment than the yellow metal. 

Intrinsic value

Cryptos are digital assets that can be used to make payments in financial transactions while gold is a physical commodity used in various products. Since both assets are reliant on investor sentiment, gold has solid fundamentals. 

The price of gold is reliant on investor sentiment as it mostly deals with the fundamentals rather than the technical. This means that the price of gold is unlikely to get to zero over time. If the price of gold is too low, this will spur consumer and corporate demand.  

In my opinion, Bitcoin is a digital asset with no real-world asset. Picture this – Bitcoin was worth $ 0.10 a decade ago. This year, it reached a high of $65,000. I doubt there’s a catalyst that can take the prices back to their initial levels by 2030. 

That said, gold has always been an expensive metal that conserves its value well. This gives it a competitive advantage over crypto.  

How rare are they? 

Gold has been a rare commodity for decades and is utilized for luxury purposes. Bitcoin has 21 million coins, but blocks are distributed to parties based on the hash rate they input. It’s estimated that by 2040, all the digital coins will have been mined.  


Since gold and Bitcoin have no underlying cash flows, mining can be tricky. Generally, investors look at the value, credit rating, yield, and other fundamental characteristics. But for these two assets, investors can’t identify the simple metrics. To make an investment decision, you should look at investor sentiment, inflows, outflows, and demographics.  

In practice, the value of Bitcoin is uncertain and somewhat relies on both technical and fundamentals. According to financial experts, Bitcoin value is based on sentiment and investor expectations. Not to mention, the prices move in tandem with the number of wallets and transactions. Another point is that the performance of digital currencies is somewhat dependent on the time in question. 

Bitcoin has increased exponentially in the last couple of months, and it’s likely to surpass the gold cap in the next few years. For this reason, you should have a portion of your wealth invested in Bitcoin. 

Gold tends to go down during recessions and downturns – its valuation is dependent on investor sentiment. While this is impossible to forecast, it’s a real phenomenon with tangible assets. If you have to buy both gold and crypto, you should be willing to spend more on Bitcoin.  


Gold remains a favorite among older visitors, while cryptos attract many investors. As young investors get into their prime earning years, crypto inflows increase lead to high returns. It’s unlikely that gold could see higher inflows. In 2021, Bitcoin outperformed gold, making it a superior investment. 

The crypto bull run has gained attention from many crypto investors (Bitcoin being the best asset). We have also seen progressive global firms like Tesla take an active role in promoting it. Based on this trajectory, Bitcoin could be a mainstream asset in the future. 

While cryptos share the same defensive qualities with gold, Bitcoin has more of an inspirational attribute. 

Holding gold vs. Bitcoin

Gold has accessibility to people of all technical knowledge irrespective of economic standing. It’s also the ultimate currency for most central banks. Since cryptos are digital, there’s a possibility that they could replace gold in the coming years.  

Bitcoin is the new kid on the block that has earned significant ground compared to other assets. Since it’s unregulated, there are concerns one day it may cease to exist. Recently, the Chinese government banned Bitcoin mining, and the short-term effects are crystal clear. Since there’s less competition in the US, miners have an opportunity to grow their investment. 

Final verdict

From the above information, cryptocurrencies are a better investment in the long term. UPMoney claim more than 5% of their customers comparing borrowers are investing in crypto. In the last few months, Bitcoin has jumped multifold and financial experts believe the value will go higher in coming years. It’s a good pick for those who want to hedge against inflation or diversify their portfolio.

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