SHITEGame can Teach Everyone Something About Crypto Markets

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There are always some hidden gems in the cryptocurrency world to explore. SHITEGame is one of those projects that can be both educational and fun.

As the name suggests, this application should not be taken too seriously under any circumstances.

SHITEGame is an Interesting Dapp

SHITE Stands for SHILLcoin HODLcoin Interconnected Token Ecosystem.

The developers have built a DApp that using the SHILL and HODL ERC20-compatible tokens.

Users can learn more about these tokens and how to perform market trades through this DApp.

The smart contracts powering both tokens allow for automated markets to be created.

Both markets will continually adjust based on how the players behave and perform.

It is evident that this is a parody of how crypto markets really work, but that doesn’t make it useless by any means.

In fact, this may prove to be a viable educational tool for novice enthusiasts.

Users can buy the ERC20 tokens and become either a Shill or a Hodler.

By holding tokens, players will earn rewards from other players’ transaction fees.

SHITEGame is a very interesting concept that will undoubtedly keep users engaged for a little while.

There is even an option to engage in blatant market manipulation.

As such, this parody couldn’t come closer to the truth as to how cryptocurrency markets really work and perform.

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