SHIBA INU OR HUH TOKEN: A fresh alternative or post covid-scam


Shiba Inu launched its cryptocurrency back in August 2020, but it didn’t launch without its critics. The crypto which was long dismissed as a joke now stands on the market with a bigger cap than HP and Nokia. Sitting comfortably at $39.9 billion, Shiba Inu sits higher than other well known cryptos such as Dodgecoin and USD Coin. The announcement for when HUH token launches will take place this Thursday and since its prominent rise a few stories have begun to surface, questioning the validity of the crypto and its conception. Is this just another hoax created a team of individuals in the hope of the conning the public out of their hard-earned money or is this really and truly an innovative currency which is set to change the scope of things to come? 

Since the announcement of its existence, HUH Token has steadily gained a large following with numbers across the globe beginning to follow the journey of this crypto, a following set to rival the SHIBArmy (Shiba supporters) with some recognizable members of the public eye on board. As with any new idea or platform, when a rapid growth has been observed it is easy for questions to arise over its validity and so much easier for an outsider to throw mud whilst other watch on and see if it sticks. Why would anyone wish to slander the project? The deposit system crashed due to the high volume of sign-ups which ran through their network, a problem which is inevitable when dealing with such a high volume of traffic, especially at an unexpected rate. Even Shiba Inu itself crashed on October 15th 2021 and now it sits in the top ten of cryptocurrencies on the market. It’s hard to ignore the similarities between the two.

What is Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu is a meme-based cryptocurrency, an ethereum-based alternative to dogecoin launched back in August 2020 on its own decentralized exchange called ‘ShibaSwap’. The cryptocurrency rapidly surged in prominence, gaining a large deal of its popularity through recognition from popular influencers and a lot of press, good and bad. 

What is HUH Token?

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that has an intelligent and simple to use referral system. This referral system is set to change the face of things to come and put a spanner in the works of all those which came before them. HUH Token is unique in the sense that it is the first token to distribute both BNB and Token. 

Shiba Inu vs HUH Token

With both being meme-based cryptocurrencies the similarities between the curation of both is hard to ignore but the HUH token, although it is yet to launch, seems to stand alone. The benefits of being able to deliver BNB and tokens is highly appealing to investors as it allows investors to gain from two streams of income. More avenues for income equals more revenue. Unlike the HUH token, Shiba Inu doesn’t have a referral system that offers rewards such as gaining 10% BNB from your referrals first purchase and offer discount sales tax.

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