Shiba Inu Is The Strongest Growing Google Trend in 98 Countries, Ethereum Nudges Ahead of Bitcoin


While not everyone sees merit in meme coins, they are some of the most successful crypto assets to date. Moreover, overall interest in Shiba Inu rises strongly across nearly 100 countries. It is also worth noting Ethereum is more popular than Bitcoin, although only slightly. 

Shiba Inu Is On The Move

As one of the better-performing crypto assets of 2021, Shiba Inu continues to dominate the discussions. Whether the asset should be seen as a real cryptocurrency or not is a different matter. It has purposes but is not commonly sued for anything but speculation or within its native DeFi ecosystem. That said, many people continue to show demand for exposure to this particular asset in early 2022. 

Research by CasinoScores confirms the overall interest in Shiba Inu is on the rise. The team confirms Shiba Inu has the strongest “growth” across Google Trends by analyzing Google Trends data. Furthermore, it is far more prominent than Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Polygon. Interestingly, Dogecoin – which had a strong peak in 2021 – isn’t even in the top 10, despite other meme coins – like Dogelon Mars – being on the list. 

Overall, Google searches for Shiba Inu have risen strongly in 98 countries over the past 12 months. There is substantial interest in the asset across the UK, Germany, Sweden, and India. However, the increase in Google search queries has no impact on the SHIB price. SHIB is stuck in sideways and semi-bearish momentum like other crypto assets.

The rising ranking of Shiba Inu indicates more momentum may materialize throughout 2022. However, that largely depends on what happens to Bitcoin and Ethereum over the next few months. Neither asset shows any good momentum since its peak in 2021. There is no imminent reason for this ongoing bearish and sideways momentum, leading to irrational markets. 

Ethereum Trumps Bitcoin

The research by CasinoScores paints another interesting picture. While many people search for Shiba Inu, Ethereum noted a decent performance. It is the strongest rising crypto asset across five countries over the past year. That may not seem like much, yet Bitcoin only rose in 4 countries. Both assets have been around for years and topped the charts in most parts of the world in the past.

The CasinoScores team comments on the findings:

“It’s fascinating to see the evolving impact of cryptocurrencies as the market grows and gains more publicity. The data shows which currencies have seen the biggest increase interest around the world, and although Bitcoin is the most searched of all the digital currencies and still a go-to for many, it has plenty of competition around the world from newer coins like Shiba Inu, as well as more established competitors such as Ethereum.“

It is interesting to see overall search queries for Ethereum increase. That is likely due to the expected upgrade to ETH 2.0 later in 2020. Unfortunately for hopefuls, that upgrade has been pushed back for an unspecific time by the developers. It may not happen in 2022 at all, although one cannot draw any conclusions yet. 

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