Keen crypto followers would have seen that Shiba Inu recently experienced an almighty growth on the crypto market. Something which investors and followers of HUH Token have been paying close attention to. At the end of October in the space of five days, the numbers shot up from $11.1B to a market high, for them, of $51.4B. An incredible feat that sets them firmly in the top ten. Even more impressive is that at the time of writing the volume traded in the last 24hrs sits at $5.6B, a feat bettered by only 5 other cryptocurrencies. Following the recent shift in numbers, news began circulating the internet that an investor of Shiba Inu recently sold their shares, earning a profit of over $1M, and bought themselves a house.

The mystery trader who posted on Reddit is not the only one believed to received such fortune. It is said that an anonymous investor is alleged to have invested into Shiba Inu back in August 2020 from its early conception, buying 70 Billion SHIBA for £5800. The said investor is said to have held out through the winter months and waited until the rapid growth to see things pay out dividends. This investment is now worth an incredible £4B. A popular British newspaper recently reported about a family in America investing in Shiba Inu and finding their net worth to sit at around $9M. A set of siblings took a gamble in crypto and after four months they saw their investment shoot up to around $1’000’000. It’s stories like these that have been giving belief to HUH Citizens, the name surfacing around the investors of the new HUH Token cryptocurrency.

HUH Token the new kids on the block

HUH Token is a new cryptocurrency that has its eye on getting a strong foothold within the crypto market. Over the past week, their presence is beginning to be seen more and more across the world wide web. It is rumored that HUH has a number of influencers in its thousands ready to get behind the crypto and push its existence upon its launch. The utimeme-based crypto releases information on its launch this Thursday and heavy interest has been garnered. Such was the interest in their crypto, the severs were temporarily down due to the incredible number of sign-ups swamping their systems. A hiccup swiftly fixed. 

HUH Token are gearing up for their launch with some unique factors which could be set to have an impact and put a dent in the plans of other cryptocurrencies that plan on world domination. HUH have a unique referral system where its investors gain BNB (Binance). This is BNB earned through a first purchase made by a friend or family member the user referred to HUH Token. The benefits stretch a little further for investors too. HUH Token have composed an innovative idea that allows its users to access and use two streams of revenue. BNB & Token. This opens up businesses and regular users to options. Having options can often make choices easier or life easier. If the public continues to buy into the concept of HUH Token then this crypto has a strong chance of emulating other strong cryptos such as DogeCoin and Shiba Inu. If the belief of HUH Citizens is to be followed then it shall not be long before there are many houses within the HUH Nation.

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