SHIB Price Explodes As Shiba Inu Robinhood Listing Rumors Swell


It was a matter of time until Shiba Inu (SHIB) noted upward price momentum. Although it may have taken a bit longer than expected, the current momentum seems rather solid. As a result, community members are very excited about where things may head next, although caution remains advised. 

SHIB Spikes Hard

While it has been brewing for a while now, the SHIB price is moving up again. A substantial price increase is visible on the charts in the past 36 hours, confirming demand is picking up for this asset. Shiba Inu is still a very popular asset with a strong community, although that doesn’t always result in a noteworthy price increase. 

SHIB/USDT price chart by

With a 32% price increase in the bag, the community is rather excited about the prospects. It is worth noting SHIB has over $2.5 billion in trading volume too, which is rather impressive considering it has a $4.33 billion market cap. If this trend keeps up, surpassing $5 billion is well within reach for Shiba Inu and its community.

Top Asset On Coinbase

One of the exciting developments is how Coinbase is a prominent source for SHIB trading. The asset is the strongest gainer on the platform in the past day, beating Mask network, Avalanche, and others. Despite the surprising momentum for Shiba Inu, there is a certain degree of hype and FOMO surrounding this project. 

Speaking of Coinbase, most users note a strong buy sentiment toward Shiba Inu. With over 98% buy support, the current market momentum may continue for a while to come. Coinbase users have always been bullish on SHIB for various reasons, and it seems that trend continues today. Therefore, bullish sentiment is crucial during this part of the uptrend. 

SHIB Speculation Runs Wild

Following this recent price trend, there is some wild speculation as to where the SHIB price will head next. On Reddit, an exciting post confirms Shiba Inu will go back to the previous highs in the coming weeks. Certainly possible, although SHIB needs to get past $0.00001 first before looking any further. That target is not unlikely, although it will serve as psychological resistance of sorts.

Is Robinhood Listing Shiba Inu?

One of the critical talking points among community members is which platform will be the next to list SHIB. After Coinbase and Binance, a listing on Robinhood can prove rather beneficial. While nothing has been made official yet, there is a chance the company will do exactly that. If and when that will happen remains unclear, although it would be in Robinhood’s best interest to give the people what they want.

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