ShareRing’s Network and NFT Technology Preview: The Inside Scoop on What Went Down

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On July 15, ShareRing, a blockchain ecosystem providing digital identity solutions to enterprises and individuals, hosted its first Networking and NFT Technology Preview event of the year. ShareRing is a user-focused blockchain platform that enables the issuance, storage, verification, and sharing of digital data such as tickets, personal info, and private documents, amongst other things, in a quick, hassle-free fashion. 

ShareRing’s ‘Access’ solutions suite is designed to help platform users gain seamless access to participating venues in a manner that is not only convenient, safe, and efficient. It is also steeped in a high degree of privacy — i.e., users are able to retain control over their sensitive data at all times. In essence, it helps mitigate the need for any physical documents when it comes to ID verification while enhancing manual operating procedures and allowing for contactless digital transactions.

A closer look at what ShareRing Access: Events brings to the table

Straight off the bat, it should be noted that through the use of ShareRing Access Events, it is possible to streamline attendee management of any event since the platform acts as a second layer of verification capable of running parallel to the laws and regulations associated with any venue linked to the platform.

The offering helps smoothen out the process of event entries via the use of QR codes. To this point, attendees are only required to present their entry QR codes to the doorman without having to furnish any physical/digital IDs. As soon as the verification process is done — using the data stored in a user’s ‘ShareRing Vault’ — they are given access to the event. ShareRing Access Events with NFTs allows NFTs to be used as entry tickets just by proving provenance. 

The platform helps eliminate the issue of ticket scalping, a practice wherein bots buy tickets in an automated manner only to later resell them for an increased price, which has plagued the market in recent years. With the blockchain-based Events feature, attendees of events don’t need to worry about the validity of tickets. Each code is unique and is placed within the attendee’s ShareRing Vault, which is accessible even without data or Wi-Fi, which means entrance will be a breeze, as well as eliminating the chances of ticket fraud.

A recap of ShareRing’s Networking and NFT Technology Preview Party

As mentioned previously, ShareRing’s networking event took place on July 15 at one of Melbourne’s hottest nightclubs, Ms. Collins. The purpose of the event was to showcase ShareRing’s suite of products, demonstrating their ability to not only verify user ownership of an NFT — inside the guest’s ShareRing Vault — but also grant them access to the event.

In this regard, it should be noted that before kicking off the event, each guest was airdropped ShareRing’s first NFT collection, ShareRing: Genesis. The NFT was meant to serve as every guest’s entry into the event. To elaborate, guests were required to be in possession of the digital asset inside the venue or have it connected to their ShareRing Vault so as to be able to access the party.

A goal of the evening was to demonstrate the utility of ShareRing, Access: Events with NFTs. Verifications were conducted extremely quickly with no signs of any delays, however, what really stood out was the fact that attendees did not have to share their personal data with any third parties. 

ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos was available for a chat throughout the entire evening. Furthermore, the event was filled with many other prominent industry professionals. In all, the event was a resounding success with the guests have enjoyed testing out the feature to the hilt. ShareRing stated: ‘The event achieved what we were set out to do. We were able to  test out the usage of our new ShareRing Access: Events product in a real-world scenario and invite ShareRing’s friends and users to enjoy an evening of canapes and free-flow drinks for a networking event.’ 

Closing thoughts

Another testing round was on Saturday 30 July, where ShareRing was the official tech partner and sponsor for the Profit4Life event. Each attendee had to register for a ShareRing ID, and hold the entry tickets inside their ShareRing Vault in order to receive the QR Code to access the event. 

After those testing rounds, the ShareRing Access: Events feature is now available on the app. Users can see events as they come up on the calendar. ShareRing is still working to make some minor tweaks within the app. ShareRing commented:We’re really excited to see the future of ShareRing Access: Events – where it’ll be used, and users’ thoughts and feedback on this product, and the success in eliminating any odds of fraudulent tickets.’ 

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