Semi-boring Year Still Makes Bitcoin the top Investment Asset of 2019


The year 2019 will not go down in crypto history as a bullish period. In fact, it has been only marginally better than the previous year.

Despite these hurdles, cryptocurrencies are still the best performing asset in 2019.

Bitcoin Remains a top Asset in 2019

That tells a lot about all other market offerings available to investors and consumers these days.

The year 2019 is not over yet, but it appears unlikely that this situation will change for the worse.

Most of the top currencies have clawed back some of their lost value.

Other than Bitcoin, very few markets have done so in a convincing manner. 

When compared to traditional investment vehicles, there is very little competition.

Equities, commodities, and bonds all performed worse compared to Bitcoin and top altcoins. 

Considering how many had hoped for a bullish year with new all-time highs, there is still plenty of disappointment.

Waiting for the crypto markets to rebound will have to wait until 2020, if not longer.

Any uptrend forming in these markets will be pushed down in a violent manner fairly quickly.

Even then, top crypto assets still blow every other asset out of the water in terms of annual gains.

It will offer some minor consolidation to those who have seen their portfolio wither and nearly die. 

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