Seeing the NFT Drop for the World’s First NFT Cricket Game in a Fresh Perspective – Commoner Edition

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As we have been coming across various social media platforms, there have been talks about the so-called world’s first NFT cricket game coming up with its first-ever NFT collections later in April. Even though it has been generating a great deal of interest among people who have been around the crypto world for a while, a major proportion of people are not seeing the benefits of these virtual tokens in the future. That is why this blog is exclusively dedicated to passing the importance of the upcoming cricket NFT launch event from a commoner’s perspective.

NFTs – Some Insights

The world has been seeing a rise in the sales of non-fungible token-based assets since the latter half of 2021, which does not seem to die anytime soon, despite getting a bit slowed down due to some socio-economic problems in the world. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital tokens that provide proof of ownership and authenticity for the assets backed by them. These virtual tokens can support anything from artworks, images, video clips, and in-game properties to real-world objects. The first NFTs came into existence around 2014-15, although their refinement started in 2017 with the famous CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks. It was not until late-2021 were NFTs got their current prominence, with multiple NFT-backed items amassing millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency. 

If you ask what NFTs could offer to a commoner, it will be realized when NFTs start backing real-world assets such as plots of land and other important assets unique to an individual. Even in the virtual world, NFTs can be very useful, as they have been in the case of Axie Infinity, a battle-based NFT game that gave hope to a lot of people during the global pandemic. The majority of people belong to some of the biggest developing countries in the world, including Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines. The people there lost their regular jobs due to the pandemic-enforced lockdowns, and playing such games helped them to revive their livelihoods through earning passive income while staying home. Many people have continued playing the game despite the relaxations in lockdowns, owing to the fact that regular employment provides lesser monetary benefits. Now, it might be the time for a new sport to take up NFTs to offer a passive earning opportunity for people in more developing regions, with the upcoming NFT drop event serving as the first spark.

NFT Drop Event and the Future Game

The NFT drop event in the current discussion is the “Super Loot” for the world’s first-ever NFT cricket game “Meta Cricket League.” The event will be taking place on April 22, 2022 (Friday) at the NFT marketplace platform, the official NFT marketplace for the upcoming NFT cricket game. All the above platforms and associated event mentioned here are powered by GuardianLink, a development company specializing in the development of NFT-based applications. The firm has already earned a great reputation with multiple projects related to developing security protocols for NFTs and celebrity NFT marketplaces. So far, we have an official press statement from the developers, the website for the NFT marketplace platform and the Super Loot event as updates. The next section gives some insights on the Super Loot NFT drop event.

Contents of the NFT Drop Event

The Super Loot NFT drop will be selling 25,000 NFT collectibles relating to the upcoming metaverse cricket game in some way or the other. The NFT collection will feature different types of NFTs, which are digital tokens of cricket player cards, digital tokens of cricket bat cards, and physical NFT memorabilia signed by legendary cricket players. The latter kind of NFTs will be made available as lucky gifts to random buyers, while the others would be generally available. As the name of the drop event suggests, it might truly be a loot since there are a lot of lucky gifts present. 

Coming to the pricing of the NFT collectibles, they are not very expensive compared to the investment required for the currently popular blockchain-based games. One can buy a single NFT collectible for $25 and a set of 5 NFT collectibles for $125. Buyers who purchase the set of 5 NFTs will also receive a complementary treasure box, which could include NFTs or physical gifts. Even though the pricing seems to be steep for most of the general public, it can be a potential key to a passive income for those who want to explore new avenues or are tired of conventional investment mechanisms.

How to Get Started with the NFT Marketplace?

Getting started on the NFT marketplace is very easy.  It all begins with signing up on the NFT marketplace platform. You would be required to give some personal information (Name, email address, and phone number) and a strong password for security purposes. After verifying your account, you would need to load the crypto-based stable coin Tether/USDT in to the built-in digital wallet given by the NFT marketplace. It is necessary to remember that you would need to have at least 100 Tether/USDT (Tether/USDT is backed by the US Dollar) for participating in any trading activity on the platform. Now, you are ready to carry out trading operations on the NFT marketplace platform, starting from the Super Loot NFT drop. Additional details can be found on the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section on the marketplace’s website, which provides extended answers to commonly asked questions.

Summarizing Thoughts

Therefore, we can say that the Super Loot NFT drop of Meta cricket league is all set to rock the blockchain gaming domain, which is a speculation based on the current craze around the event on all social media platforms. It can also be the first step towards the virtual universe, technically called the “Metaverse,” which is projected to become the hub of tomorrow’s social interactions. As a commoner affectionate towards cricket, one can say that this drop event also serves as something emotional apart from providing the ability to monetize one’s pastime.

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