Security Tokens Market Cap Surpasses $3.5 Billion Following Dignity Gold Launch

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A lot has changed in the security tokens landscape over the past few months. The industry hit the $1 billion market cap not that long ago, although that has now nearly quadrupled. New projects continue to explore opportunities in this space, confirming the appeal of STOs. 

Security Tokens Market Cap Surge

It is impressive to see how far the security tokens industry has come since its initial inception. More specifically, the industry seemed to take a rather slow approach to surpass the $1 billion market cap, although things have accelerated ever since. That is partially thanks to the Dignity Gold project launching and adding $2.8 billion to the overall market cap. 

It was a matter of time until a security token tied to gold would hit the market. In these days of financial uncertainty and inflation, precious metals like gold remain of great interest to investors and speculators worldwide. Dignity Gold has issued the DIGau token to give holders access to preferential access and discounts on the tokens related to other mineral reserves under the agreement. 

Additionally, DIGau holders are eligible for distributions and warrants to purchase other tokens at a discount or gain access to other preferential benefits. The DIGau token also serves as a lending base for other investments, with a minimum of 15% of all profits from the perspective fund to be distributed to token holders as dividends. The tokens are backed by a minimum of $6 billion in gold reserves, with at least 25% of all purchased gold going to Dignity Gold, LLCś bank vault to provide further backing for the tokens. 

Source: STOMarket

The DIGau token resides on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC-20 token standard. It holds a current value of $2.36 and can be traded on the CryptoSX platform. It currently holds a market cap of $2.832 billion, indicating the merit of using gold reserves for a security token. More importantly, this token is different from the gold-backed tokens on Ethereum that maintain a price peg to bullion, as DIGau has a very different value proposition. 

Other STO Projects Continue To Do Well

While the addition of Dignity Gold brings more momentum to the security tokens industry, many other projects have come before it. Unsurprisingly, INX Limited, Overstock, and tZERO remain some of the most prominent projects in the security token space. Their market caps continue to hover between $94 million and $240 million, respectively, highlighting the need for a growing variety of security tokens today. 

The HCS Whisky Fund, which launched not too long ago, holds its own well at a nearly $40 million market cap. Security tokens allow for innovative concepts, including investing in rare whiskeys. Every HCS token trades at nearly $1,600, which is a rather impressive value for exposure to rare whiskies and other spirits. 

As the STO industry grows and expands, it will be exciting to see what the future will hold for security tokens. The year 2022 may introduce some exciting new projects captivating a global audience. 

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