Security Token Offering top 5 by Market Cap – July 2020

CryptoMode Security Token Offering STO

About two years ago, it seemed as if the security token offering industry would have a very bright future. Fast forward to today, and the STO market is successful, albeit relatively small. These are the current leaders in terms of overall project value. 

Overstock (OSTKO)

The Overstock Token, or OSTKO, is clearly the security token offering market leader. It has a current market cap of just over $131 million, with about a quarter of a million in trading volume. Holders of this token receive equity in the company. 

Obtaining this token at launch was reserved for existing Overstock shareholders. Tokens have been trading since June of 2019. Today, anyone can obtain OSTKO through the tZERO platform, regardless of one is an existing Overstock shareholder.  With a current value of $30 per OSTKO, things have certainly taken an interesting turn. The active supply of this token sits at 4,370,000. 


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It is not entirely that surprising to see TZROP in second place on the security token offering rankings. It is the only other project most people have heard of by now. That further shows how STOs aren’t necessarily ready for mainstream adoption just yet. 

As things stand. TZROP has a market cap of $66.581 million, with under $185,000 in volume. Every token is valued at $3.2, which represents a strong rise compared to $1.38 on July 2nd. The tZERO token will offer 10% of adjusted gross revenue to token holders every quarter. 

Tokensoft (TSFT)

If stability is a valuable trait in the security token offering world, Tokensoft is clearly checking the right boxes. Its TSFT token has not seen too many price changes in the past month and a half. Considering how there are 30 investors – according to STOMarket – one would expect some form of volatility to occur since the token issuance on May 20th.

Given how Tokensoft raised $4 million, it is interesting to see the TSFT market cap surpass $15 million despite no token price changes. Every token represents equity in the company, although further details have yet to be confirmed.

Blockchain Capital (BCAP)

Issuing an STO seemed a bit odd for one of the leading venture capital firms in the blockchain industry at first. After all, one would wonder what the exact purpose of this security token offering entails. Even today, there are still some questions regarding this project, but it seems that many people have high hopes for this particular STO.

A total of $10 million was raised during the sale in 2017, with payments accepted in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today, the BCAP market cap sits at just under $13 million, with very little daily volume. It is an interesting project to keep an eye on, considering how the team has Jimmy Song, Mike Novogratz, and other bobos on the payroll. 


Spice VC is another venture capital firm venturing into the security token offering industry. Its native SPiCE token grants investors access to net exit revenues. Considering the company’s track record, getting access to any revenue generated is an option worth exploring. 

It has to be said, the SPiCE token value has undergone some changes. Its value seemed to hold on to the $1 level, but has dropped to $0.96 in recent weeks. This brings the total market cap to just over $8.125 million. Bringing VC to more people through tokenization is a noble concept.

Update July 17,2020: The Overstock team reached out with more accurate information regarding OSTKO and where it can be obtained.

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