Security Is Key For (GLO) Team As They Complete KYC To Reach Similar Safety Levels As Curve (CRV) And Loopring (LRC)


Security and compliance are critical considerations for any business, but they are vital for companies in the cryptocurrency space. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are still relatively new, and regulations are still catching up. This means there are potential dangers for companies who are not diligent about KYC and other security measures. 

ICO scams have become increasingly common. In an ICO scam, a fraudster will create a fake cryptocurrency project and then solicit investments from unsuspecting victims. The fraudster will then make off with the investor funds, leaving the investors with nothing. Thus, investors must double-check any crypto project’s security measures and KYC certificates to avoid fraud. 

Though Uniglo (GLO) has just appeared on the market as an ICO, the company has made KYC a priority, successfully obtained approval, and aims to reach similar safety levels as Curve (CRV) and Loopring (LRC).

What is KYC, And How Does It Ensure Safety For (GLO)? 

The newly-established digital asset management platform has validated its KYC credentials by Know-your-customer (KYC) rules have been met, so is now in compliance with them. KYC completion is the first step in acquiring a fully secure and protected ecosystem.

Users of will find this exciting news, as it indicates that the platform can now provide its services to an expanded audience. is an industry-leading supplier of KYC services, and the fact that they have verified serves as a vote of confidence in the platform as mentioned above. is now in a solid position to continue developing and broadening its user base now that KYC compliance has been implemented.

Safety Levels Of Curve (CRV) And Loopring (LRC)

When it comes to digital assets, in particular, it is a reasonable issue to inquire about the level of safety associated with any investment. Since is relatively new to the market, it does not have the same years of history as Curve (CRV) and Loopring (LRC), but its dedication to reaching the same level of safety truly is a positive sign.

Both Curve and Loopring are examples of decentralized exchanges, often known as DEXs, which implies that they do not depend on a single command and control node. Because they are decentralized, they are more resistant to hacking and other forms of harmful activities. Besides KYC, multiple-layered protection reflects the companies’ high levels of security.

Two-factor authentication, often known as 2FA, is a standard security measure that users of legal cryptocurrency exchanges must implement before they can successfully log in.

In addition, both Curve and Loopring provide users with something that is referred to as a “liquidity bootstrap mechanism.” Because of this functionality, consumers are given the ability to deposit money into a smart contract, which subsequently supplies the DEX with liquidity. With this approach, the possibility of users losing their cash if the DEX is hacked is significantly reduced.

Last but not least, they put safeguards to protect against intrusions known as “flash loan” assaults by limiting the maximum lending amounts, requiring loans to be collateralized, and so on. 

Bottom Line

News about Uniglo’s KYC completion has positively spread across the community, pushing the price by 25%. The broader adoption of security measures is planned, logically alerting higher price growth. 

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