Securing Remote Work

securing remote work

The COVID pandemic changed our lives in many ways, and not the least of which is the way we function in our businesses. Last year, 62% of Americans began working from home, and 49% of them, for the very first time. Although companies and their employees were quick to embrace this change with no end in sight, they are now faced with a massive increase in cyber security threats. From targeted attacks against remote workers being up by 5x in just the first 6 weeks of lockdown, to 20% of businesses having security breaches which link back to their remote employees, cybercrimes are a huge issue. In fact, the FBI reports that cybercrime rose by 300% in early 2020.

Many companies are attempting to secure their networks by implementing multi-function authentication, but this security just isn’t enough as it can still easily be hacked.

Beyond Identity offers a passwordless security system which replaces passwords with biometrics and cryptography. It uses risk-based authentication to test every signal, and logins require zero out-of-band messages, which means hackers have nothing to intercept.

Passwordless security is security that meets the standards we set for top notch protection.

Securing Remote Work

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