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Savecryptotax Is Promoting Its One-of-a-kind Cash By Mail Service !

Savecryptotax is once again calling out to all those who want to trade their cryptocurrency for cash quickly and reliably. They are reaching out to people who subscribe to the Cash By Mail business model, but don’t know which service to trust.

Savecryptotax is a Cash By Mail provider in the United States ,United kingdom and Europe, shipping cash by mail to customers since the birth of Bitcoin. However, they only just recently launched their online website in 2019.

Being known for their OPSEC and quality shipping, Savecryptotax has a good reputation for cash deliveries on time. With a monthly volume of over $20 million, this company has a consistent stream of customers using its services.

Services Offered

Savecryptotax converts customers’ cryptocurrency into cash sending funds to them via physical mail. They currently only accept three popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Monero (XMR). After conversion, patrons will receive Dollars, Euros or Pounds through USPS Express in America, DHL across Europe and royal ail in UK.

This company ships cash on the same day customers place their order, it can take up to two working days to process the trade. Cash will be paid out in denominations of 20, 50, and 100 dollar/euro bills. They will ship up to $15,000 or €13,000 in a single package.

On top of that, has 24/7 customer service, so customers can reach out via their website support ticket, email, or other messaging apps should they need assistance.

Why Choose Savecryptotax

Savecryptotax advertises itself as a legit, reliable, and quick cash by mail service catering to the crypto masses. They have a few key features which put them heads and shoulders above the rest, giving customers a sense of security with their money.

Savecryptotax is big on privacy. They have a Strict No-Log Policy, promising to wipe out log activity and related data once the trade is completed. All information on the transaction will be deleted 7 days after the completion of the contract. Regarding the deposit address to send crypto into, it will be automatically deleted after 48 hours, and all private information will be erased upon confirmation of receiving funds.

Savecryptotax also has an in-built PGP encryption system, safeguarding your address details and conversations from end-to-end. This prevents eavesdropping or stealing of data from the back and forth between customer and company.

This company also believes in a KYC-free environment, meaning that no verification is required to transact with them. This helps clients protect their identity, and sensitive information like passports and phone numbers do not need to be shared.

In summary, Savecryptotax has a mission to save taxes on cryptocurrency gains by mailing cash to their doorstep. As such, patrons can reap more of what they sow, and pay the company a small token for their services.

Stay tuned for more information about Savecryptotax coming this month.

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