SafeTitan Swap Decentralized Exchange, A Solution for China Banking’s Cryptocurrency Bans

The SafeTitan cryptocurrency brand has flourished handsomely in 3rd quarter 2021.   The BEP20 token was thought to be a meme crypto initially with no utility. That view has completely changed. 

The $STTN token brand announced plans for a new Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange, tentatively titled SafeTitan Swap.  It’s planning to be a solution to token traders of China, Far East, and globally that face cryptocurrency laws or bans by Central banks.

The announcement for this new Cryptocoin DEX for 2022 was spawned from SafeTitan’s Pre-ICO coin sale. After pushing their Initial Coin Offering back 3 months from its original date, the DeFI token brand had to do something to satisfy demands of already registered users. The answer to consumer impatience, simply give what was desired.  

Users wanted the opportunity to buy earlier than October 14th, so a 48-hour Pre-ICO sale was initiated through the official website’s ICO app.  This sent cryptocurrency investors into a frenzy with questions galore, post-purchase.  

Investors took to social media to discuss the token and buyer experience.  This created a spotlight around the new BEP20 coin on many crypto groups.  It’s reported the official subreddit (r/SafeTitan) saw over 200x their normal activity that day.  With under 100 users subscribed to the sub, people were certainly attentive as single threads had nearly 85% participation. 

According to SafeTitan,  the sale generated a “healthy percentage” of their $5-million-dollar Initial Coin Offering goal. Also, answers were provided to why it’s not just a meme token and future utility goals.

The biggest utility coming from the Token within the coming year, the SafeTitan Swap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.  This will be a new cryptocoin DEX which will take aim at resolving the needs of Crypto-investors in the Far East of the world.

In particular, SafeTitan hopes to build an independent DEX, which features cross-chain linking technology and highly efficient blockchain nodes.   The virtual currency exchange will be constructed to work within China’s banking laws and get around bans.   And above that, there is a goal for the DEX to operate faster and cheaper than any other available today.  

Some may doubt this clearly.  However,  similarly ambitious plans were announced by Cardano and Solana before, which drew equal doubt from the crypto-community.   Look at these crypto coins as of today though.  Both Cardano and Solana are Top 10 tokens on the cryptocurrency market. Both also exploded in value.   

SafeTitan’s buy-in value is currently set at only .005 cents. So if the brand aims for the stars and lands on the moon, there will be a huge return for early investors.   This is what’s intriguing many that are following cryptocurrency news.

High Value Foresight

SafeTitan’s foresight on the issues in China dates back to nearly a year ago.   If the brand’s eye for the future is that impressive, it should not be overlooked so easily.

The SafeTitan Swap exchange will require $STTN token usage or a 2nd-generation token, to be air-dropped in 2022.  With only 100-million coins than can be mined over time, China could create a rocket ride to the moon for early HODLers of the cryptocoin.  

According to CNBC, China slipped from the 4th to the 13th rank among countries with the most CryptoCurrency users.   And estimates about 7% of China’s population uses cryptocoins.   

If these stats are accurate, this means 98-million Chinese users of the 1.4-Billion populated country could suddenly shift to SafeTitan swap.  Even if only 10% of these token users or 9.8-million begin using the new Decentralized Index, SafeTitan coins would no longer be sold as ‘whole’ tokens.    Like Bitcoin, the tokens would likely be sold in fractions or SafeTitan’s  equivalent to the Satoshi.

And the SafeTitan Swap DEX will not be limited to the Far East.  It will be opened to users globally over time.   Secondary countries of interests will be Nigeria, The United States, El Salvador, United Kingdom, Ireland, The Caribbean, and Venezuela.

SafeTitan Swap’s index is rumored to have another name that’s not yet being revealed.   Stay tuned to the official subreddit (r/SafeTitan) or twitter for the latest updates on what the decentralized exchange’s name will be.   

The SafeTitan ($STTN) ICO will launch on October 14th.  Those wishing to invest in the DeFi token must be registered by October 9th at latest to participate.  

Based on other cryptocurrencies that have had pre-ICO sales in the past, it will not be surprising if another Pre-ICO sale is randomly announced as well. This typically is done to further aid brand growth.   

Being registered early is key to reaping rewards of opportunity.   Any cryptocurrency investor should know this rule and as of today, SafeTitan projects ideas that could produce a bountiful harvest of ‘green’ for up to 10,000 people.

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