SafeTitan ICO Launch Now October 14, Cardence ICO Ends Tomorrow, Litecoin Surges


SafeTitan announced that their ICO launch will be changed  to a new and final date of October 14, 2021.    This is after two prior dates set for July and August. Cryptocoin investors will have to wait while the company upgrades its security protocols and expands staff again, as growth has revealed new operation needs. SafeTitan has been buzzing lately due to its innovative marketing strategies and listings as a top potential, new BEP20 cryptocoin.

On the company’s official blog they apologize for the longer wait. “However,” they state, “our team has to act in the long-term interest of the token and our buyers. Security and stability are two of the fundamental standards within the SafeTitan foundation.” 

To address these two points they’ve hired two more senior managers to help wrap up the project before launch date. However, they mention that the new date is definite so investors can mark their calendars for what is speculated to be a moonshot. 

To purchase STTN, users must register before August 9th on their official website application: This registration app will be used to verify each ICO registrant so they can begin buying on October 14. 

The BEP20 coin is paired to the BNB token. Once listed publicly, users will have the opportunity to purchase through PancakeSwap, the largest DeFi exchange of Binance cryptocurrency. 

With more than 1 million crypto wallets and trading volumes over $9 billion, this is the largest DeFi exchange in the smart-chain network. Additionally, SafeTitan will be accessible to the more than 13.5 million active Binance users on the network. Coupled with the company’s marketing strategies, this has the potential to grow quickly. 

Meet the China Coin

While China may not seem like the best place to market crypto right now to some, that’s where SafeTItan will focus its efforts. Some may forget Binance is run by a Chinese CEO.  Therefore its correlation to the smart-chain  may be closer than most.

It’s important that crypto-investors are in-tune with SafeTitan’s social media as well.  The future cryptocurrency for Decentralized Finance will soon giveaway around 500,000 STTN to those registered on the official ICO app.    Users will get the chance to win tokens in exchange for completing micro tasks such as following social media, promoting SafeTitan, and more.

Notably, the entry price is accessible to a much wider audience.  Crypto traders can purchase STTN for $0.005 at the ICO launch. Minimum purchases must equal $50 and not exceed $1000. This helps create a level playing field and fend off crypto whales. 

The $0.005 cent buy-in price may make SafeTitan cryptocoin the biggest initial coin offering of 2021, for those seeking ROI & additional income streams.

On their twitter feed the company reported more than 67,000 potential registrations. This speculation is a result of recent registration and traffic activity that indicate high interest for the crypto token. However, only 10,000 registrations can be allowed by the website.  All registrations will be cut off October 9th.  The official SafeTitan ICO launch will be on October 14th.   

And to be clear, this is not an IDO.  It is one of the rare ICO.

IDO vs ICO: What’s the Difference?

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings are a method of selling crypto tokens before the public posting. This allows early financial backers an opportunity to purchase up to a restricted amount of tokens. Only a certain amount of tokens are available for purchase during the ICO, so giving everyone an equal opportunity to invest became difficult. The costs are generally less expensive and smart financial backers purchase all they can only to ‘dump’ it later.

IDOs or Initial DEX (Decentralized Exchange), or DeFi, Offerings skirt the presale cycle and are listed immediately. Obviously, there is still a limit for how much individuals can purchase, however it’s available to everybody. With an IDO there is a third party that is screening the exchanges, yet the actual transaction is decentralized. 

A New Platform for Trustless Affiliate Marketing

Also happening in August is the close of the Cardence (CRDN)  ICO set to expire on August 19 with a goal of $100,000. 

Cardence is a decentralized presale platform advertising what it calls “trustless affiliate marketing techniques”. Like its competitors which include Bounce, Dxsale, and Unicrypt, among others, $CRDN offers a platform for pre-ICO token sales. These tokens are often cheaper than their ICO counterparts, and draw a lot of attention from users who hope to snag a good deal. 

The main difference that sets Cardence apart from the rest is its marketing strategies. One of the most difficult things to do in crypto is to reach a wider audience. One of these strategies is to offer users a referral commission whenever they bring new investors. This way, the project gains traction, and users make a percentage of the overall transaction value. 

Cardence also tackles the problem of pump & dump schemes during presale. This is when organizers make misleading statements to sell their held coins at a higher price to users buying into the scheme. The presale company does this by creating a vesting schedule for release of tokens so not all tokens can be dumped at once. 

Litecoin Back in the Spotlight

Litecoin, currently in 13th position according to CoinMarketCap is in the spotlight after some notable wins for the cryptocurrency. According to Businesswire, BitPay, the largest crypto payment service, announced support for Litecoin (LTH) on its platform. Now businesses using BitPay can accept the coin from whichever wallet they use. 

Additionally, the popular tech merchant will be the first to accept payments from Litecoin through BitPay. Newegg was also the first e-retailer to accept Bitcoin. 

Newegg Senior Brand Manager Andrew Choi commented on the newest currency accepted by the major retailer. “The excitement and momentum around cryptocurrency are undeniable, and we are committed to making it easy for our customers to shop online.”

Litecoin joins a growing list of 11 cryptocurrencies currently accepted by the crypto payment service. Among them are BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, and DAI. Payments in LTC require no integration or enhancements, making it more accessible. 

“Litecoin’s fast transaction times and super low fees are ideal for an ecommerce giant like Newegg. We’re extremely excited that Litecoin is now supported by BitPay, making it very easy for any merchants to accept LTC,” said Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. 

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