SafeGram: A DeFi Enabled Money Remittance Solution Fit for Crypto to Fiat Transfers


Sending money across borders has never been easier given the advent of cryptocurrencies. With crypto, circumventing traditional banking charges, which according to World Bank estimates range between 5% to 9.5% for every $200 in remittance, is easy. 

With some jurisdictions embracing cryptocurrencies to the extent of naming Bitcoin as legal tender, cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming a widespread buzzword in cross-border payments as proponents claim them to be the next big solution to the remittance industry.

However, even though cryptocurrencies offer a viable solution to costly remittance charges, the volatility of cryptocurrencies continues to be a consistent hurdle in replacing fiat currency. 

As a solution, SafeGram offers DeFi (decentralized finance) remittance platform for all financial decentralized application needs. Simply put, SafeGram’s platform makes sending money across borders efficient and effortless thus unlocking financial freedom for crypto holders. 

In addition to its crypto-to-fiat bridge and remittance platform, SafeGram also features a decentralized AMM exchange called SafeDEX that includes SafeStarter (LP) that allows users to access every DeFi tool under one platform.

What is SafeGram?

SafeGram is a decentralized finance ecosystem featuring a built-in crypto-to-fiat remittance platform that enables its users to send 1:1 value of their digital asset holdings on the blockchain in fiat format anywhere in the world.

Founded by an exceptional team led by Co-Founder and CEO Ivan Tomic, SafeGram’s genesis is rooted in the DeFi commitment to the solutions blockchain brings for the masses in a safe and decentralized manner.

Tomic for instance is an industry-driven entrepreneur with roots in the developer and franchise industries, not to mention skills and experience in growing strategic FinTech startups using a unique holistic approach towards success. 

As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, Tomic has honed his skills over the years in helping FinTech projects in the crypto and blockchain space find their mark of success. Now, Tomic plans to help the masses find their financial freedom through SafeGram’s decentralized ecosystem.

The combined expertise of both Tomic (who is the CEO) and the rest of the team gives SafeGram a unifying vision as an ecosystem of digital remittance with additional features such as a unique launchpad and a DEX (decentralized exchange) to mention a few. 

How SafeGram’s Cross Border Payments Work?

As the global workforce continues to become increasingly mobile thanks to the penetration of the internet, international money transfer services grow equally prominent. Since the year 2000, studies show that the sector has been growing considerably at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 10.4%, with over $530 billion being transferred annually. Additionally, the global remittance market is projected to surpass $1 trillion by 2030.

In this industry, Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), which comprise financial companies engaged in cross-border transfer of funds, play a huge role given the complexities of sending and receiving different currencies across borders with disparate and varying banking systems.

While MTOs work around the clock to solve these diachronic challenges of the current financial system, customers looking to access remittance services pay the high cost charged by MTOs for the services they provide.

With this in mind, SafeGram operates as a cheaper, safer, and faster alternative to existing MTOs as its platform is built on a network of decentralized finance protocols. 

SafeGram presents a revolutionary solution that combines the current digital monetary system with crypto, thus enabling customers to send and receive money through a revolutionary Crypto-to-Fiat™️ Bridge, powered by SafeGram tech.

While most MTOs feature partnerships with third-party remittance services, SafeGram has an entire remittance service built into its platform. In the money transfer process, SafeGram deploys an exclusive buyer/seller partners network rather than using 3rd party remittance service thus enabling greater global reach and more flexibility. 

SafeGram’s GRAM Money Services feature a decentralized application (DApp) that helps users send any crypto asset in exchange for corresponding fiat currency with its equivalent. With every transfer, GRAM Money Services allows a market buyer in the network to acquire an equivalent value of seller’s crypto assets from a large decentralized network at a discount, thereby establishing an instant connection without middlemen. 

In response, the buyer on the other side sends the fiat money directly to the provided bank account by the seller. Therefore, a crypto seller can have fiat delivered to any destination across more than 120 countries.

Originating on Binance Smart Chain, SafeGram allows users to pay remittances using Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB) and will expand rapidly from there. Going forward, SafeGram includes “Cash Pickup” which is a service that will allow users to send money with coins like Bitcoin while using physical ATMs across the world.

Other SafeGram Features

Apart from its revolutionary money remittance platform, SafeGram’s ecosystem also comes with SafeDEX which includes a multi-raise launchpad called SafeStarter. SafeDEX has a built-in AMM protocol and charges zero fees for users who hold SafeGram’s native $Gram token or use $Gram to pay fees.


When it’s all said and done, the move to lower the cost of moving money across borders is inevitable given the advent of cryptocurrencies that enable instant transfer of value across borders. As healthy competition in the remittance space continues, prices are projected to fall. What’s more, there is more pressure from G20 and the United Nations to reduce the average cost to consumers to about 5%. 

Since remittances play a huge role in economic development given their popularity among low-wage workers, SafeGram is on track with its goal of democratizing access to affordable financial services and allowing financial freedom to the masses. 

Although SafeGram is only getting started, the platform’s SafeGram Send Money Services is already operational and has so far moved substantial amounts without advertising or mass adoption.

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