Runfy Token: The New Fitness Cryptocurrency. Will it be Able to Reach The Market Value of Eos And Chain?


Crypto users are aware of the fact that a crash comes with some demerits. However, after dark situations, there is always a beam of light. Runfy Token (RUNF) is an emerging fitness coin running on the modern proof-of-stake mechanism. Will it be able to exceed existing coins, such as EOS (EOS) and Chain (XCN)? Read this article to find out.

EOS (EOS) – A platform allowing easy, cost-efficient transactions

EOS (EOS) is an open-chain blockchain platform. Its native token, EOS, is based on an extensible WebAssembly engine that ensures transactions without extra charges. EOS is a programmable DPoS digital currency allowing users to select and modify node operators. Developers can build projects on versatile blockchain infrastructures.

The growth of EOS (EOS) is based on token holders and developers. The major traits that make EOS unique are its transparency, openness, accountability, autonomy, amongst many other core values. Currently, CoinMarketCap ranks EOS in the top fifty coins. Its current price is less than 1 dollar, and its market cap value is around 1-2 billion dollars. The all-time high price of EOS was $22.89, five years ago.

Chain (XCN) – Linking smart contracts with off-chain data providers

A cloud blockchain framework offers financial services to crypto users. Clients can purchase through XCN without any extra fees and have access to premium features. Chain Core allows its users to launch and operate blockchain networks. They can also connect to other networks, transforming how assets move worldwide. Users have to write a custom ‘Issuance program’ that allows them to define and issue assets.

The coin market ranks the token in the top 50 coins. Its market cap value is less than $2 billion. When writing this article, the coin costs less than $0.5. The peak price of the coin was recorded on May 22 at $0.1841.

Runfy Token (RUNF) – Community-driven fitness-based token

In a world of doge coins and meme coins, the Runfy (RUNF) tokens stands out as a community-driven coin that aims to promote health and wellness. Runfy will reward token holders for reaching their fitness goals. All the community members will be encouraged to participate in the fitness program, which will include extensive health and fitness information, useful tools and cutting-edge technologies. It’s a two-in-one strategy. On the one hand, it promotes health, while on the other hand, it will allow you to earn crypto, making you the best version of yourself.

Have a look at the procedure to enter the presale of Runfy Token (RUNF)

In the first presale stage, clients can buy $0.011769 in one dollar. If you want to be a part of the presale, here is the complete guide:

  • Download ‘MetaMask’ or ‘Trust wallet’ on your device.
  • You can buy RUNF using ETH, BNB, or USDT. Fund your wallet and move toward the next step.
  • A pop-up will appear that shows the ‘Connect Wallet’ button.
  • Select the desired currency you wish to deposit with. Click the buy button, and you have entered the presale.
  • Claim your tokens once the presale ends.

Runfy Token (RUNF), in its first stage of the presale, is working on innovative programs. It addresses the health problems that users face, including obesity, fitness, and general health issues. You can get a bonus of 20% buying with BNB. Buying with USDT will reward the buyers with 22%. And a 3% bonus will be offered in stage 3 of the presale.

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